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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Little Cat - A Conundrum

I have cats. We all know I love and live with more than one cat. Okay .. I have , as of now, 3 cats. Not so terrible.
I adopted Minette because I was deep in grief and loneliness .. She was a tiny orphan that needed me as much as I needed her.
I adopted Merlin when I saw his face online at the County Shelter site and knew right away that 1- no one was going to adopt an old cat ... really ... old  2- I fell in love with that grumpy face.
So this and that happened and I sold my house and the cats and I drove to Florida .. a neat little package, one lady with 2 cats ..
Upon arrival, my mom died. And my daughter decided that I should inherit the cat .. Poor sweeter than sweet Honey .. Honey will break your back if you try to pick her up ... She is huge ... heavy and just out of kitten hood.
She is this massive black and white cat with a tiny kitten voice meow.
The landlord said it was ok for me to have a cat ... imagine his surprise when my cat turned out to be my little tribe ... a clowder of cats ... yep ... a group of cats is a clowder..
Or in my house ... my little Tribe.

So we have been fine .. we all get along with each other, we all sleep on the bed or under the bed and One of us has their own bed .. double sized bed in a separate bedroom because Someone thinks they are Special. But somehow, when I wake up ... too early ... there are three hungry cat faces staring at me. I might not want to get up yet but it is much less painful when those little faces are there to greet me.

A couple of days ago, I heard meowing and since my cats don't actually meow unless something horrible is wrong, I dashed to see what happened.
Imagine my relief when I saw them napping then staring ... at the young grey cat outside the lanai, face pressed against the window ( sort of ) and meowing to ... come in ? eat ? be loved ?

This  little cat also has no collar and a terrible injury/new scar on her flank .. it looks like she was hit by a car but managed to sustain no permanent injury or be killed but the scar is her mark of bravery.
This little young cat with no collar, scavenging for food, begging at doors, sleeping in the sun on the grass and hiding in the forest at night. My Heart Breaks.

So against all the Rules, before I go to bed, I put out some dry cat kibble and a little dish of water.
Last night it was supposed to rain, I put out a big movers box with plastic over it ... and the dishes inside .. not sure if she used it ... but the food was gone.
This morning she was crying at the door ... I need to find her a home.
Not send her to death at a shelter .. I know this is close to impossible ... I won't keep her but I will feed her because if you know me ... you will know that this is something I just cannot do .. ever ..
knowingly let a little cat starve..

So if there are suggestions other than the shelter which is my last choice since they end up getting euthanized or never adopted ... there are so many cats in shelters.
Humans should be So Ashamed of themselves.

So at 8 am on Wednesday, I am blogging, after waking to my cats being concerned over the sound of a young grey lost cat crying at my lanai door.

If there is anyone near Jacksonville Fl with recommendations of places or people to help me with this little cat, do email me or post it here in comments. And Thank You So Very Much.


MyriamC said...

Cats choose their owners ... Apparently this little one knows where it wants to be.

NotesFromAbroad said...

Ahh Mym , If I were back in my old house in NY .. this little cat would be mine .. but here .. no so easy.

catcrazyaf said...

Four kitties is a good number. I have four -- all rescued. Mostly old because nobody wants to adopt them. They get so depressed in the cages where I volunteer. I wish I could take all of them...

So sorry to read about your babies and the flea medication. Hope they are all better soon.

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