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Monday, November 13, 2017

The Cat Saga

When everything bad happened in our new home in New York .. I sat for days , alone and quiet .. waiting.
Waiting for something .. not sure what  .. I didn't know then, I am not sure now .. but I remembered how my husband would tell me to just sit down somewhere comfortable and be still, be quiet and breathe ... it will all happen ..
So that is what I did ... I would sit and just be still ... let my mind drift .. not to linger on one thought or another too long .. just drift and it would settle in its own time and I would be more peaceful.

My husband lived in India .. he trained with someone well known  and eventually taught people how to Meditate .. how to Be Still ...
So it was easy for him to tell me how to relax , how to avoid a panic attack , how to Be Still.

I sit around too much these days , I take walks and go to the market ( by car) but it isn't the same as it used to be .. I am not in the same great shape I was when we got back to the US ...

So I have started taking walks in the afternoon and while I live in a 2 story condo and run  up and down a big flight of stairs all day long .. it feels better to do that walking/running outdoors, where you can breathe and clear the cobwebs ..

I , through fate and perhaps someone watching ... am the mother of 3 cats.
Minette I intended to get ... Merlin was a surprise that I wanted and got ... Honey .. my moms sweet huge baby was not expected, wanted or even considered ... until I was informed that she would be put in a shelter or whatever ... then I took her.. how could I not ?
I loved my mom. She loved her cat. I love my cats. How could I not take Honey ??
Who will take my babies ? Merlin would be so confused and sad .. and afraid. He isn't that brave anymore .. my poor old man with bad eyesight.

Minette would be freaked out because she is still a baby girl with only Merlin and I for a family, with Honey now too ... she knows nothing else .

And Honey, sweet huge Honey, no one would want her and no one would treat her well.
She can beat up a dog. She has the meow of a tiny cat ... She breaks my back when I pick her up ..
but when she purrs, I will pick her up a dozen times.

A couple of days ago .. the cats were out on the lanai, their daytime home ... they don't want to come in anymore, they love the lanai and the fresh air and sunshine for naps all day.. and an occasional curiosity, like the sound of big birds, the men who ride standing up lawn mowers , a snake , etc.
But it was none of those things .. it was a cat.
A lovely cat ... black and white. Came right to the door like it knew it was home .. how could I let it in ?? I made bowls of food and water and put it outside the lanai door.
It ate, drank and left.
Now I worry about it, I wait to see it , I wonder ...

I got my license plates. I am a legal driver in Florida. Guess I will move back to New York . Laughing. Out. Loud. or maybe I'm not ..


Linda deV said...

Amazing what dear company a cat can be.

NotesFromAbroad said...

Thank God for these cats..

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