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But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Make It Memorable

I would like  to go Home.
Yeah, New York.Especially at this time of year ..
This is the time of year that I arrived in NYCity for the first time ... meeting my husband within the first month that I was there ...

The weather is dreary today but I sort of like that, I never realized how sick you can get of the same blue skies and sunshine every day ...
As Sarah Miles said in the film White Mischief ... upon waking up and walking over to look out the window .... "Another F*ing Beautiful Day "

I now get excited when it is cloudy and cool.
I also have cats to cope with ... no, not the babies that live with me ... the babies that Want to live with me.
A new little cat has shown up at the back of my home, by the lanai door ... a little thing, grey tiger almost kitten .. meows and waits ... someone must have let it live inside and go outside .. stupid humans.
The miracle is ... a car has not run over it yet ... a creature out in that forest hasn't eaten it yet ...
I have not adopted it yet ...

I am feeding it though .. I can't help it . It is not in me to let a small half adult cat/kitten starve when I have bags and bags of cat food and 3 very well fed cats ... We all have our ... issues .. children and animals are mine. The helpless ones ... those who depend on others for food, shelter, life .. and if they are really lucky , love.
I can't do anything about this kitten but keep it fed and watered when possible.

In New York, on my little acre Upstate, I had a corn field as a back neighbor ... so there were plenty of deer in my garden and walking through the property to go to a lake across the street ... behind the neighbor's house.
We all knew what was happening and when and everyone was cool with it .
When the mother deer would cautiously walk across the street with little fawns following close to her, I fought the urge to run out and be sure no cars would race down the street and hit one of my deer.
Only once did I actually stop a car ... but he saw it and would have stopped anyway .. the mama deer with 2 babies walking close to her side ..

I don't want to hear about the negative side of having deer in the garden ... unless someone wants to hear the negative aspects of ... who lives next door, where your kids are at night, who votes and why and what will the saving of a deer matter in the grand scheme of things other than my heart won't be that little  bit heavier ?

I have all these books that my sister in law has given me over the years.
I donated bags of them to the ElderCare Home near where I lived .. in Chatham NY.
I'm telling you ... the choice is .. you look around and there are all these books and you won't read them again and they are taking up room and gathering dust ..
1- throw them away ( I never ever throw away a book)
2- donate them to a hospital, nursing home, free book exchange ....

 So it is 10 am on a Saturday morning in Florida on November 11th ..
Have a great weekend .. make it memorable. 


A Brit in Tennessee said...

You are a kind-hearted human, if it were possible I would take in every stray and needy animal that crosses my path.
I worked in the veterinary field for some 32 years, it breaks my heart to witness abuse and neglect to such loving and innocent creatures.
Deer have eaten everything in sight throughout my garden, and yet we still fill up water troughs for their use, we co-exist.
I understand your yearning to return to a place called home, a familiarity of land and ways, and people who think alike, and rainfall falls at will and freshens the air.
On this day of Remembrance, I'm grateful for the sacrifices of others, who by their own unselfishness, gives us these choices.
Hugs dear friend.

Mundi said...

Back in the day I used to buy anemones at Pitcher's greenhouse in Rhinebeck, NY.

liparifam said...

When I moved, I packed my 2,000+ books myself, taping typed lists of the titles in each box to the outside. I culled about 200 novels and cookbooks before packing and offered them for free on my neighborhood's Nextdoor; only a handful were taken. It broke my heart, as books are precious to me, and it is hard for me to part with any. Seems like few people want real, hardback books anymore. I finally found a woman who worked for the county and was very happy to get them for a small library she was starting in a low income housing building... I long to see the Christmas windows at Bergdorf's, but I won't be going until the Spring :(

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