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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

I Don't Care

I just realized that I am posting cat photos quite a lot ... I have to be careful with that. The old cat lady thing creeps up on you and there you are,  when you least expect it , a crazy cat lady.

Yes,  this is a dog .

The cats are soaking up warm Florida sunshine.
The cats are on the lookout for the sweet and beautiful cat that came to the door of the lanai last night, asking if he could come in.
We will not speak of how hard it was for me to say no.
So I gave him a lot of food and water.
There was some food and water left this morning but so far, no sign of the beautiful cat ..
I am torn about it .. I hope it is back home where it is safe and cared for.
I can't take it in, so let it be in its own home. I am glad I got to see it and feed it. Let that be enough.

Friends are taking trips and I want to go on one too !
I want to visit Buenos Aires the most ... but there is NY and a whole list of places I want to go ..
For now- I will appreciate the weather and the fact that it is not and probably will not snow here in the next few months.

Last Christmas was awful so I am also hoping that this year it will be better, it won't take much for it to be better ..
I have decided to just drift along while I read and ponder and figure and make decisions at another time. If I have to be bored and lonely  in the winter, at least let it be sunny and warm. Next winter we will plan for ...

My daughter has one of the cutest ... no, The Cutest puppy ever.
She has a little baby girl Shih Tzu ... I have never had a tiny dog except for puppies but an adult puppy sized dog is appealing... of course, my cats are bigger but that might be fun.

I have discovered that I have a couple of car scratches from parking lot a**holes ...  at the supermarket .
I have a black car. One scratch is all the way down to the white underneath ..
One door has a tiny dent ... w t f ?

So this is another reason why I am best off staying home today.
I have no ... what's that thing that keeps you from saying what you are thinking ?
or saying something threatening to a stranger ? Here in Florida, you never know who has a gun so I have to keep my temper from getting me in trouble ..
Not just temper ... since I am alone so much, I find I just say what I think without stopping and editing what will ruffle feathers etc ...

Yes, I am getting to be a Curmudgeon ... and right now ... I don't care.


  1. I know what you mean about that crazy cat lady thing. My dear friend recently said she might adopt cat number 6 and I joked and told her "six cats is ok but 7 becomes crazy cat lady territory." I had one cat for many years and adopted my small dog a year ago and they get along peacefully, in case you ever consider adopting a small dog.

    1. Ha! I am embarrassed when I say I have 3 cats.
      Yes I am thinking about dogs in general but the big dogs I would usually consider might be a bad idea..I should maybe look at something I can lift alone?

  2. LOL, I empathize - I am definitely losing my "filter" as I age, and tend to tell people exactly what's on my mind in ways I never would have before! I, too, have had mysterious scratches showing up on my black SUV since moving to the city, some obviously scrapes from another vehicle, but others that look like deliberate "keying". My vehicle is 10 years old though, and I am planning on getting a new one in a couple of months, but I'm sure the same thing will happen to it. Uhg - I am not really enjoying city living, but it's a choice between loneliness in a lovely far out suburb, or being 5 minutes from family in the city, so... :( I have owned three 35-50 pound dogs and loved them to pieces, but my 9 pounder is my little baby - so personable, and much easier to care for. I will always have small dogs from here on out. All of our dogs have been great with cats, even the hunting dogs.

  3. My last dog was a Standard Poodle and quite large.
    At an early age I taught him to lie down when meeting a child and/or fragile older person... he was hilarious, I would just say “down “ and he would throw himself down on the floor/ground/whatever.

    1. Also, Thank you for telling me that you have the same “filter “ issues, that makes me feel so much better!


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