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Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Here We Go Again

 There is a slight wind out. The air is   nice .. humid ..
I was going to visit the people next door but then they had to go to a party/overnight shindig at a friends new wonderful house. Boy I wish I got those sorts of invitations ...
But they took my phone number and gave me theirs and said if I need them, they are right next door.
Which is so very precious to me.

Being alone is one thing...
Being alone in a hurricane that is kind of large and scary is another.
And of course, there is no one around that offers to keep me company .. actually, when I am this anxious, people annoy me so I am better off alone with the cats.
They don't annoy me .. well, not too much. And if I yell at them, they purr .. not many people do that ... too bad ..

So .. I am making good use of my time and nervous energy .. I am packing.
And talking to the Son and hearing about things back in the land that I should have never left ... NY.

And I wish I had some Valium . LOL

I can't listen to the weather forecasts because they scare me.
But I did a while ago so I know what is happening so far and hope that it just blows over fast and the trees stay off my roof.
I brought in all the furniture off the lanai so that won't blow around ..

Right now everything is peaceful.
Miss Honey is sleeping on a baby mattress  that is now a cat bed.
Merlin is hiding .. probably in the pillows on my bed.
Minette fell asleep on the sofa .. she hates game shows.

So here we are ... the Calm Before the Storm.

I will keep busy packing and doing preps for packing and moving .. back to the Real World.
Where I can go out without getting lost ... where people remember me .. where I still have friends and family ... Florida was a mistake but I am so very lucky that I can fix that.

Now if the Hurricane just behaves and goes away quickly and quietly ...

Here I Go Again ...

1 comment:

Linda deV said...

Cannot wait until you journey back home. Grateful that you have options.

Wishing you protection from Irma and from your own mind that can sometimes be its own storm.

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