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Monday, September 4, 2017

Another Hurricane

This one is on its way while the other one is still here ..  The pictures from the hurricane that has hit and devastated people already , in Texas and now here come 2 more.

My first thought was pack, get the cats into the crate in the car and head North.
If I could get the movers here tomorrow, I would have the house packed up and take it all back to NY.
That is what I will be doing anyway- enough of this, living in isolation and terrified of hurricanes hitting and destroying everything I have ... me and 3 cats .. oy.

I am not quite sure how to go about things but phone calls will be made tomorrow and plans will be made tomorrow and action will be taken, starting tomorrow.

This had all the makings of being a good move, South, warmer, no snow .. but it has turned into a misery. Isolated, terrified of the weather, threatened by the weather ... totally alone every day .. thank goodness for the cats and friends and my son in NY .. they at least email and make sure I am still living and breathing ..

So I will post if there is something to say, or not until everything is over ... one way or another .
Say prayers for all the people who have been through so much already with these storms ..

I will post if there is something to say.
Right now I am panicked and feeling ridiculously alone so I have to be quiet and make lists and talk to people ... my landlord etc.

Everyone down here in the South ... take care, be safe .. everyone everywhere .. take care, be safe :)



Blogoratti said...

Take good care and if you do end up leaving hope you find solace in your new environment. Sad about the weather and the devastation from the US to India and elsewhere. Warm greetings to you.

NotesFromAbroad said...

Thank you dear. I will head back North , snow doesn't scare me :)

Anonymous said...

This hurricane is looking more ominous by the day. Seems to be heading straight for Florida at this point. We have had Hurricane Harvey here in Houston and the devastation is unbelievable. Thankfully we did not lose anything, just had to deal with days and days of very heavy rain. But thousands of people have lost everything and it is heart breaking. Hope you are able to move before the storm gets there, if it gets there. I am still hoping that it will make a loop back out into the open atlantic and keep everyone safe. Hopefully you wont have to deal with this all alone, it's just too scary once the winds and heavy rain starts. Best of luck to you and your fur babies, stay safe, all your readers love you and your blog! Elle

NotesFromAbroad said...

I woke to the news that the hurricane will be coming to visit rather than just passing by.
I have never been alone in a hurricane. I haven't really ever been in a hurricane.
I am terrified and panicked and my first thoughts are to pack up the cats and a few things and get the get out.
I have friends on the West coast but they have very large dogs and a couple of babies and really don't need me and the cats to cope with ...
I am so frightened that I had to sit down and read the blog rather than try to do anything yet.
But I am going to pack and figure out what to do ...


NotesFromAbroad said...

Elle, Thank you so much, be safe !!

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