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Friday, August 4, 2017

A Murmuration

I have posted this before I think but I am posting it again .
This is called a Murmuration.
This was the first time I had ever heard of such a thing or seen anything like it.
It is magical and wonderful and breathtaking.

So one afternoon in the house in New York, I heard birds outside in the trees.
Seemed like a lot of them going by the sound ...

I walked out to the edge of the property and there were the farm fields ( corn) stretched for miles up the hill and out of sight ..
And in the sky but coming from the farm fields was a cloud of Starlings ..
I got to see my own Murmuration .. and most of them settled in the trees on my property when they were finished ... finished amazing me and enchanting me and making me feel like I saw something so very special .. miraculous in its way ... just imagine standing alone, a tiny human under a huge dark cloud of birds .. magical doesn't describe it .. but close enough ..

A Murmuration ~


  1. Fantastic - that lovely expression on the girl's face at the end is worth a million words!
    Happy weekend - Mary x

  2. I know, it is a mind boggling sight .. theirs was huge and being over water right over them .. how perfect could it get ?
    I saw one in the house in NY State ... there were miles of corn fields behind our property .. one day I noticed / heard a lot of birds but could not see them so I went into the back yard ..
    the trees were full of blackbirds / starlings.
    As I stood there more were coming in so I walked to our tree line, where the corn fields lay beyond .. looking to the right, where there was a hill .. were millions ( or so it seemed ) black birds flying in a huge cloud .. which changed shape as they flew ..They ALL landed in the cornfields and in the trees on my property
    I know I could not possibly do it justice by photographing them so I just stood there * in awe * and felt comforted that I got to see something so very wonderful .. ( it felt like someone gave me a gift to make me smile )


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