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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

"The Alvear "

The Alvear Hotel Bar, if you want Posh .. here you have it.
My husband and I walked all over Buenos Aires, we lived in Recoleta and wandered the neighborhoods, going through the miles of parks into the museums and other areas, Palermo Botanico which was next door to Recoleta.
At the end of a day of walking and talking and shopping and looking, he loved to sit at the bar at the Alvear Hotel and sip a glass of very good Malbec.
I sometimes drank something sparkling but mostly not .. I am plagued with a condition that is really not fair to anyone .. I get an instant headache from alcohol, especially wine. Apparently there are Things in wine that cause an allergic reaction .. sinuses close up, head aches ..
It is generally not worth it ... then I found out that vodka rarely does that .. lol ... so I had a lovely Bloody Mary in the Alvear Hotel Bar ..
There were days it was fun to sit at the bar but mostly we sat at a table and had a snack too.
And people watched .. British musicians, singers, actors ... it seemed to be the Hotel of Choice.
We should have stayed there one night, just to see how it compared to the other luxury hotels we had been in ..

so here you have it ... if you want Posh and you need a hotel, The Alvear Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

And no, this is not an advertisement :)


Puzzled said...

A perfect place to stay on your upcoming trip...a week seems manageable, does it not ?

NotesFromAbroad said...

I imagine a week would be just a taste, much longer would be nice.
But I will either rent an apt or stay at a small hotel with 2 rooms per floor that we stayed in already.
I know the owners of one hotel and the other is just a great little place .. there are so many great hotels of all sizes in BA.

angiemanzi said...

I stayed here on my only trip to BA. I was there for business and this is where my firm put me up. It was delicious. Beautiful. Wonderful location as you point out.

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