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But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
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Sunday, June 11, 2017


I woke up a tiny bit later ... closer to 8 am than 7 am ... why ? why ?

Cats ... that is why. They absolutely hate to see you sleep when they are awake.

So I put   off  getting up, as long as possible then trudged downstairs to ladle out the kibble and    canned food then noticed the blanket on the dog bed was all tangled up.

I groaned and said Minette !!!

You see, for some reason .. Minette has decided to use the dog/cat bed as her morning toilet.
This little cat has never had an "accident" in the house, even when I know she was "holding it " .. but for some reason, she has lately decided to use the dog bed as her giant litter box.

So things are in the wash ... it is just 8:30 am !!!!

She and I had a talk ... I know she has always had stomach problems since I got her ... she saw many vets and was even given anesthesia and had things looked at ... but there is no explanation for her not using the litter box when she can go on the dog bed.
Which has not seen a dog in years and has been washed countless times.

So the washer is on.
Everyone in the feline way of thinking is napping on the lanai. I am blogging.
It is Sunday .. in the old days, someone would have brought me my first cup of coffee and a lot of kisses.
Now I clean up cat mess and trudge back upstairs with my cup of coffee to the computer to read the NYTimes.

Life sure has a way of changing..

This is what the bed is like .. we bought it at Orvis years ago.

I put a bath towel on the bed and so far no one is using the bed as a toilet.
If they/she does, it is just a towel and not a big dog bed cover.
So .. maybe things are settling down and everyone is feeling secure.

Thanks to "anonymous"  who emailed to let me know how offensive the title to my post was, I changed it a bit.
For anyone who was offended, I truly apologize, being an American, it was a day of the week to me and the title came to mind because of a song on the radio.
So I hope I am forgiven for my ignorance of certain issues that  certain people have in other countries.


Linda said...

Ditch the dog bed...she will continue to go there....pain in the ass!
How the heck are you anyway?
Time is flying by way too quickly for me these days....
We are having a heat hot hot and very humid....
Pool heater is working its magic...perhaps a dip tomorrow...
Enjoy your week Candice...
Linda :o)

Mary said...

Yes, sounds like the dog bed needs to leave - hopefully little Minette will then get the message otherwise you'll be doing laundry often!

Hope this will be a good week for you Candice - getting hot up here - North Carolina summer is on the way and as you well know they can be brutal.

Hugs - Mary

NotesFromAbroad said...

The dog bed is too big and too expensive to throw out , what I have been doing is take off the cover and wash and dry it and lately thanks to the kitty, I am putting a heavy bath towel on top.
She will get past this bad habit, she got squirted with the water bottle today , which she probably thought was great fun ..

NotesFromAbroad said...

I would not mind a visit to those mountains in NC.
My brother built a house up there , vacation house / retirement house .. his daughters have houses up there now too. Yeah, my brother is a genius but he likes to build houses for relaxation :)

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