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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Flood Watch

You know those words do not thrill me, nor do they make me think to myself, Gee, I love living here.

We are not getting the hurricane or whatever storms there were down South but we are getting a lot of rain. Apparently it will be the cause of floods here ..

I have hope that the way my building is situated, the way the property slopes down-away from my building  ... that the woods in back will be safe , you know, like all the trees stand up, don't lie down.

I will be busy going through closets and making lists and talking to my realtor in New York.

In the world of Things to Watch .. Floods are not on my list ..
I would much prefer, Watching squirrels raiding the bird feeder, Autumn leaves piling up out in the yard, deer wandering around the fields .. Winter snow has lost its hold on me, I no longer fear or dread it.
I have been alone here since I arrived, it is actually worse than when I was so alone in NY.
In NY at least I knew my way around and shop people talked to me, I was familiar  with the place and the people and felt at home.
Here ... well,.. none of the above.

So the cats and I have been watching some silly show on television , videos of people doing crazy things or crazy things happening .. now I will get dressed and go find that big empty box ... I have some things to put into it.

I totally appreciate every comment I get.
I appreciate the fact that you stopped and posted your ideas or thoughts and show that you care.
What I would ask though , is that everyone refrain from giving me "Life advice" ...
I rarely take advice, yes, I am one of those people. And the truth is, as much as I feel like we are all friends, most readers have not met me and don't really know enough about me to give me personal advice.
So thank you for trying but thank you for not doing it anymore. Candice


  1. We have had some flooding in Central NY as much rain it is unbelievable! Our garden plot is so wet we have not been able to plant anything.
    I understand your yearning for NY. It is just so pretty now. I see deer and fawns in the woods from my kitchen windows..sure makes cooking much more enjoyable! We live in a setting much like you described where you lived...Highland cattle up the road and horses too! Fresh eggs are in a cooler down the road for $1.50/doz.
    So...are you coming back SOON????

  2. As soon as I can :)
    There are quite a lot of things to do first. besitos ...

  3. My husband and I struggle with the decision to move or to stay. I have been reading your blog and moving was clearly not good for you. I hoe the next journey is more satisfying. I am following along

  4. I am frightened of this world since i have experienced terribly in this. Water has got inside our house, no power no food....

  5. MaryAnn, you cannot go by my experiences as good or bad concerning you ..
    I am widowed and still adjusting to that . I have traveled so far and so much, finding the Right Place is more difficult .. I am picky :)
    Do Not Go by my experiences in making a decision like this ... this is according to You and Your Husband,not someone else .
    When my husband was alive, we were always going and moving and exploring. He was a world traveler before I met him, I was very lucky .. now I have to adjust some more .. Thank you though for following along .

    Weekend ... I know you are devastated by the whole experience but remember what is really important.
    You and your husband are alive and well. Everything else is Things. Those things do not hold you tight and make you feel safe in the night. Priorities darling ... they are just things ..

  6. Mary Ann, one more thing, I was married for a very long time. We traveled and moved and explored all the time. Here, for an idea of what I mean, we lived in NY, we moved to Fl, we didn't like it, we moved to Portland Oregon, we visited Buenos Aires, we loved it, we moved there .... etc ...
    Where I moved was taking a chance, I already knew the problems that could come up ... I risked it.
    It is not a horrible mistake that I have to live with, it is a mistake. I will move again. easypeasy.
    base your big life decisions on yourselves, not someone else.

  7. Look at it as a learning experience. If you had never moved to Fl. you might always wonder if you should have. It does take some time to sort things out.

  8. True, Kath , now I am sure that I never want to live where they have hurricanes lol
    Thanks for commenting :)


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