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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Angst !

I've Got Angst !

So .... some readers might be aware of the fact that there are large wildfires in the Southern US.
I got scared when I first heard the news but then relieved to know that they are not close at all to where I live.
They spoke yesterday on the news of the weather, the fires, the smoke .. I felt removed from it all and safe.
Today the sky was so blue and there was very little wind. It is cool but not too much ... a pleasant day to do something outdoors or to nap on the lanai with a cat or two. .. or three.

I was busy doing this and that in the house.. my heart should be in such good condition, I run up and down a big flight of stairs, many times a day. I never remember to keep count of how many times I go up and down .. The cats should count .. they lie at the top of the stairs on the landing, watching me .. until I pick one up and carry him/her down to the living room, then he/she watches me from the sofa ... up and down.

I walked into the living room and decided to open the sliding glass doors all the way, open the entire room to the outside/ lanai .. screened and locked .. but all that fresh cool air could sweep through the the house.

It looked funny out there .. what was it ? I walked and looked up .. the sky is yellow.

Why Is The SKY YELLOW ??????

Aha ! there are wildfires in Florida, not near here ... aha ... they must make yellow smoke ... why is it here ? Instead of floating Up and dissipating, it is floating sideways and making things smokey in Jacksonville.
I Object !!
This is Enough ! I can't take anymore sudden surprising ... things.
Weather ... cool , blue skies ... yellow clouds .. no no that is not what it is supposed to say !!

The cats stared at me as I paced on the lanai, muttering to myself.
When I went to get the mail, the neighbor told me to stay inside ... oh gawd ... what next ?

I guess I can expect a hurricane to come blow it away ?
I want to go home.
I promise, I will never .... EVER ... complain about too much snow. Too cold.
Just let me have a few years of peace and quiet with no hurricanes, tornadoes and forest fires.

I really don't think this is too much to ask.

Yours truly , sincerely and full of angst ... C

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