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Alan Cohen
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Saturday, April 8, 2017


I don't work. I don't have to be up at a certain hour ( although having cats sort of negates that, I have to be up when they will not allow me to sleep any longer) ..
But the sun is shining, it is chilly and the a/c is off ! and old Merlin is snuggled down in the covers next to me, so while I had all good intentions about getting up early and doing something, I fell back to sleep with Merlin.

We got up eventually and we had our coffee out on the lanai, where the wind was a bit too cool but the sun is shining full blast and the sky is full of contrails.
White lines zigging and crossing all over the place ... were they trying to play Tic Tac Toe ?

The only sound is the wind in the pine forest. I walked past the pool to go to the mailbox, people were in the water, which has to be heated ! and I thought how long it has been since I have been In a swimming pool. A very very long time.
We had one in the NY House but we never even took the cover off.
In BA, there were no pools. There are pools, our cousins had one but other than that, everyone we knew in town, went to the beaches.
I loved it ... in NY, you say , we're going to the Hamptons for the weekend, or Montauk .. ( we went to Montauk) but in BA .. they are going to Uruguay for the weekend ... la .... it sounds ever so much better than Hamptons or Montauk ... Like living in France and saying I live in Nice ... oh oui ... my husband and I were  on the beach .. we had a lovely waiter, dinner was fantastic .. on . the . beach.
Can you imagine ? I love it.

So here in Florida ... where there are beaches that I have not even been to yet .. none of them to be exact .. I enjoy the sunshine, cool breezes, palm trees and no sand .. in my lanai or at our pool. . which I do not visit because I do not suntan anymore.
You see ? this place is wasted on me.
I really should leave.
I am not a proper Floridian ... I have no huge sunspots on me , the skin is not peeling off my nose and I am very pale. I should be ashamed.

So by rights, I should be content.
I can sleep late, as long as the cats allow it ... I have sunshine out there if I need it ... the food is good here .. I eat fish and veggies almost every day ..   It is not depressing to wake up to sunshine.

But I miss NY .. I miss the drama of the weather .. the seasonal changes .. the anticipation at the end of summer for the fall colors and chill in the air, the winter and the holidays ... there is something to be said for Seasons. You notice that when you only have 2.

My little family is going to Japan.
I do not envy them taking that long flight with a 2 year old who does not want to sit still for 24 hours or whatever amount of time it takes .. it might make me give a kid a drink !
Here little one, taste mommies vodka. Oh .. want some wine ?

So the kitties and I are Hanging Out. We are enjoying it. We are using our hanging out time for important things.

We will talk about those things later, another time ... I have gone on long enough, time for a snack out on the lanai with Merlin. Honey and Minette are already there , waiting, tapping their little paws ..

Enjoy your weekend !


  1. We just took our 15 month old to Paris. The flight was not fun but it was so worth it being with her in Paris! We rode every merry-go-round in the city. Well, we may have missed one or two. We'll have to go back soon and check.

  2. I am only a tiny bit jealous ...

    OK... I am really jealous :)
    You have to share the photos .. I am sure you have half a million at least :)


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