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Thursday, April 13, 2017

That time of year

                                                       Jacaranda Time of Year

Jacarandas bloom, the air is sweet with the scent, the sidewalks are covered with purple petals, the parks glow with purple here and there ... birds are happy too .. it is all just so very beautiful.

When you wake up all cranky and tired in the morning and you drag yourself down to the park with a bouncy cheerful dog, there is nothing you can do ... your mood will lift, you will start to enjoy the day .. everywhere you look, there are those masses of purple, trees line the boulevard, in the parks, along the streets, in the back gardens of homes .. Jacaranda trees .. bringing fabulous color and scent ..

They don't last long, the petals fall, the ground is covered with them, then the leaves are green and you have to wait until next year to see them again.
It is worth the wait.


  1. My mother-in-law's ashes were scattered under a jacaranda. It was her favorite tree.

  2. Oh how touching, what a beautiful spot to choose. They are pretty close to being my favorite also ..

  3. I LOVE jacaranda's. We don't have them in Belgium but we'll be in Portugal next month and the jacaranda's will be waiting for us in full bloom.

  4. Oh, Mym, take photos for me !
    Have fun,Bon Voyage ❤

  5. The loveliest ones I ever saw were actually in NSW Australia - perhaps because we just happened to be there at the blooming peak - I'll never forget them.

    Mary -


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