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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sun Dappled

This is the street   we walked down to the parks in Buenos Aires.
The British Embassy to Argentina is also on this street ... so there are lots of high gates, fences and then the park. I used to daydream of living in one of these apartment buildings instead of on the big boulevard where we lived. To be able to walk out the door and cross the street and be in the park, was such a treat .. but sadly, our sweet Pup died, we stayed in the apt we bought upon arrival in Buenos Aires and we still walked down this street every day.
We had picnics in the park in the shade.
We just sat and took photos of people and a spontaneous futbol game now and then .. it was our back yard .. our green space.
Now I live in a condo with manicured lawns , its own lake and everything is clean and manicured.
But happily, behind my condo, is a forest. Unmanicured, unmown and raked and blown. A wild wood. Full of small creatures and even a large one now and then.
Yes, they do have jaguars in Florida. Yes, the do have alligators and yes a green snake did come in to say hello to the cats and I.
The snake we could deal with, the others not so much.
The wildest animal I ever saw in Buenos Aires was a drunken party goer with his friends trying to get him inside his house.
It was very funny.
I love the trees, in Buenos Aires. The same trees as in Paris ..
If you have been to both places, you would understand my conundrum ...
You can take a trip. Stay in a nice hotel. have a  driver for a day .. where would you go ?
Paris France ? Buenos Aires Argentina ?


  1. Paris for me. I have been there once but the conditions were far from ideal. I'd love to go back to experience it without the craziness of the first time.

  2. We went to Paris every Autumn for years and never got tired or bored with it


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