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Monday, April 3, 2017

Clouds in the Sky

You would have thought I had never seen a cloud or even the sky before, the way I went on and on about them when we lived in Buenos Aires.
I still say ... I have never seen skies so blue and so vast ( of course the vast came from the fact that we were in a very flat part of the country where you could just seen on and on forever ) .. every day, vast blue skies ... the bluest blue and when there were clouds, they were large ... I became an avid Skywatcher lol not to mention, photographer.

In the coming weeks, be prepared, there will be more Buenos Aires skies to look at ..

Right now, I am sitting next to a large window on the second floor, with a pine tree forest outside, and as far as I can see, cloudy skies. Now and then a break in the clouds will let a flash of sunlight through .. reminding me that it might not be blazing out there now but it will .. soon ..

I must admit, a cloudy day is nice. I mean, if you have the same pretty blue skies with nothing but sunshine every day - it gets boring.
Buenos Aires had a rainy season, otherwise, the photo above was what you get ... that and no clouds at all.

I liked that  ... a lot.

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