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Thursday, March 23, 2017

The End of the Day

 My birthday is coming to an end. The "partying " is over, the cats are complaining because I didn't stay home, Merlin is talking, Minette asked for some kisses and forgave me right away .. Honey noticed I was home.

They all got extra treats for being left alone.. no one seemed especially thankful ... but then, they were probably confused .... "She went out and came back and fed us again ???"

My daughter is fun. She is just fun.
We laughed and talked and ate good Southern fried fish, chips, slaw and french fries. This is a years worth of fried food for me... in one meal. Every bite was delicious.
Then there was the slice of ridiculously sweet chocolate cake, that I could not eat so it is here now, in the kitchen, waiting ... I will have to have it tomorrow ... perhaps for breakfast ... yeah, that's the ticket !

The cats were happy to see me, after they got over the initial relief that I did come back.
That they were not abandoned with empty food dishes. No doors open. No music.
So now Merlin is talking. That cat can talk. with a loud obnoxious voice.
Minette is just a sweet little girl who butts heads with me then runs off to eat, drink, watch tv.
And then there is Honey .. she is quietly sitting ,waiting, watching the others, never butting in, just observing .. She breaks my back to pick her up and if she were smaller/lighter, I would probably carry her around with me all day... she is just so sweet.
So now everyone is settling down, Mama came back. They were not abandoned. They can relax.

I am being bitten by something.
I felt a funny feeling on the back of my leg. Brushed at it, it was wet, blood !
A tiny pin prick of blood on an itchy spot on the back of my calf.
What the ??????
So tomorrow phone calls will be made. The cats wear flea collars and no one else is itching.
I am not actually itching, just getting bites .. from something ... shudder, what if it is a spider ?

I will go downstairs now with the girls and see if there is anything worth watching on tv.
If not, we will all come back upstairs and read, listen to music ... fall asleep early .. dream of happy times .. It was a good birthday ..

Merlin can't take much partying, he will just  fall asleep in his bowl.
Minette will be happy to arrange any parties that you might want throw for your cats ..

Honey is an expert at Relaxing .. laid back .. cool ... that's my girl

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