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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Cats

I have spoken to the cats about the possibilities of a Trip.
We have a few thoughts on where and when.
I want to rent a place, settle down and spend at least a month or two somewhere.

It doesn't actually have to be Paris or Buenos Aires .. 
Minette has gotten to be a bit melancholy.
She and Honey get along fine, Honey is too young for melancholy.
just don't touch her ball 
Merlin just soldiers on. He is surrounded by women and girl cats and his naps are regularly interrupted by either another cat or his Mama who can't resist kissing that sleeping face .. he accepts most kisses silently although the Purr gets a little louder. And his claws go in and out but never hurting anyone.

They are my family now. They are always loving, they never say anything mean, even when someone bites me on the end of the nose, I know it was a love bite, not intending pain. 
They go where I go.
Which sometimes means getting into a car and driving for days.
Logistics would really change .. this time ... one more cat, large and heavy. 
3 cats don't go in one crate. Maybe two girls in the crate and the old boy up front with me in his private smaller crate.
In and Out of hotels ... keeping them under control, like .... herding cats !!

I was daydreaming about flying with them to Buenos Aires .. then reality hit. I did it once, with a large dog. One dog in one crate and we were capable of handling him at any moment.
3 cats in 3 crates ? one giant crate ? handling them ?? with leather gloves maybe .. no, they can't fly.
Not unless I charter a plane for just us .. Mrs Cat and her litter. That will be my Code Name.

I guess I am doomed.
Doomed to live with my cats. Travel with the cats. Talk to the cats.
I wonder how they feel about that.


  1. Love your code name .. lol ...

    I understand travelling with furbabies, it can be a handful, my Yorkies are my life ... most airlines only permit one dog per passenger ... which limits my travels to North America as it means by car ... I've dreamed of spending a month or so in Europe (Paris, Lisbon & Algarve, Tuscany,) with Dolce but when Gabbana joined our family that was put aside ...

    Maybe a beach holiday ...

    Take care my friend!

  2. Home away. Drive to a rental somewhere and stay. Alone is sometimes difficult

  3. We had a Siamese cat once that traveled with us everywhere in a VW camper. But Miss Twiggley gets desperately carsick just going to the vet. So, no road trips for her. I wish you luck on any further adventures with your feline family, although I agree that taking a short pleasure trip to Buenos Aires with three cats in tow might be a bit of a stretch.

  4. Celia, it is times like these that I envy people who have their own planes :)

    MaryAnn .. I live in a house that is about as posh and comfortable as you can get, I don't want to drive to a rental, I want to fly to a country :)

  5. Get on a plane and go. Take the cats or not, but get out of Dodge and have a giggle.

  6. I am playing with 2 destinations ... NY or BA
    Cats have to travel with me so it looks like NY is the better choice.
    Taking them for a car ride can be tough, on an airplane, their little cat brains would implode.

    I need my own plane.


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