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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Friday, March 17, 2017

Dear dear Merlin

This morning I woke very early to a sound that fills me with dread. No, not that sound, that one also fills me with dread, that one is water dripping sounds .. this one is the beeping of a fire / smoke alarm.
You see, this apartment is a loft style duplex. I cannot possibly reach anything that is on the ceiling.
I lay there, heart pounding, praying that the alarm did not start screeching ...
Between the pipes in the old washing machine breaking and flooding the apartment, having to live with drying fans and equipment for a week after, now the sound of fire alarms beeping  .. no .. I am nearing my limit.

I called the landlord and bless him, he was here so fast.
The battery was failing. So it was beeping to say goodbye .. or calling for help.
It got its new batteries and all is well, it will smell smoke if there is ever any such bad luck and it is being silent again.

The landlord is so very nice. He is pleasant to have around .. we talk about this and that and while he gave in and said yes, I could bring my cats with me, he didn't blink an eye when he met the new cat in the house, Honey .. with the big green eyes and huge body and little girl meow.
I think he was kind of charmed by her.
Merlin made himself scarce, he always does when strangers come around.

Speaking of Merlin .. well, he .... speaks.
Every evening, when I am getting ready for bed, he gives me a certain series of little meows and chirps and they have tone to them so it isn't just meeow .. he  chirps and ends it sounding like a question ... as he sits and stares at the other side of the bed.

Yes, Merlin, I say, here I come ... and I lift him up and put him on the bed.
He jumps up all day by himself but at night, he asks for help.
I put him on the bed and he flops down , head next to my pillow, and sighs and closes his eyes .. ahhh... bed.
I get in after and he is already snoring away ... my sweet  dear Merlin.

Sweet dreams ......

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