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Friday, March 24, 2017

A View

Our view ..
Imagine, in the morning, you shuffle down the hall, through the french doors into the living room and open the shutters and there is your view .. across a wide boulevard.
Blue blue skies, sometimes clouds and that building .. In Summer there is less view of the windows and doors, in winter everything is bare and you can see all the details .. at night the lights go on in chandeliers and they sparkle in the darkness.

I miss that view.
I have a view of a forest where I am living.
Pretty much the complete opposite of the view you see above.
Which one would you rather look at ... nothing but Pine trees as far as you can see with blue skies above .. or that building, lights twinkling inside at night, blue blue skies above.

I know which one I would rather have.

What is your view ? Do you choose your home according to views ? Would you not live somewhere if there was no view ? Is a view important to you ?
Tell me ... what are your views on views  ...


  1. I would probably like your current view of pine trees although the photo shown is quite lovely. I see oak, maple, spruce, and cedar trees outside my windows. My yard is a forest floor, no grass - only ferns, some wild flowers, and some lovely ground covering plant varieties. I love the deer that roam freely and often bed down in my yard. I love the barred owls that nest in the spruce tree and hoot in the evening dusk. And I also have lovely neighbors, albeit a touch farther away than may be typical, with whom I play an occasional game of Cribbage.

  2. Thank you AK ... you paint a lovely picture ..
    I have quite a few relatives who live in Alaska, is that your AK ?

  3. No, the AK are initials. The coldweather because I've lived and worked in some extreme cold weather and I prefer it to extreme hot temps. :)

  4. Here in Georgia we have a view of many pine trees and bird feeders – with a great variety of birds. When I lived in San Francisco I lived on a hill and had a great view. In Paris we were near Montmartre and I could see all the roof tops.
    I saw your birthday was 3 days ago – happy belated birthday. My birthday was today, March 26. My husband of course did not know it was my birthday but when I told him he started singing “happy birthday to you” but then could not remember my name. I was going to take him to a restaurant but found out just before we went that my only cousin, who lives in Cairo, had just passed away. So we did not go out. We ate leftover pizza at home. My daughters called me though later in the evening. It was a sad birthday as my cousin was my last relative from my father’s Armenian family. I hope both yours and my birthday next year will be better.


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