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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Small Things Mean So Much

Recently, someone from my Other Life ( in Buenos Aires), asked me about My Christmas.
How was it, what did I/we do, where did I go ... did the cats get a lot of presents ?
All the Fun Holiday stuff that Americans do for holidays ...
It was mildly embarrassing and very saddening for me to answer ..
I was alone for Christmas. I got presents for my cats. They liked them. I got no presents. 
I had no visitors, well one that night and there was nothing Christmassy about it.
When my husband died, it was October. That Christmas is a hazy dream that I try not to remember.
But family drove from far away and not so far away and spent time with me and kept me from feeling like the only person left on the planet.
Well, here I am ... the only person on this planet. With cats.

So ... I got mail. 
One piece of mail in the mailbox, right after Christmas.
A card. 
The only Christmas card that I received this year.
It was from my bank. But the sweet thing about it was that every single person who works at that bank, signed it. I can't imagine they do this for every customer and even if they do, it was my only Christmas card and it was lovely. And I can never really tell them how much it meant to me. 
Funny, the last place / person you expect to make your day brighter can do a perfect job doing such a small thing ..

Blogging may be sporadic or manic, can't tell yet but I am going to be busy doing Things that I will blog about later ... when things are more confirmed.  


  1. Darn it Candice! I wish I had your address, you would have had a card from me.

    You are being very mysterious. Looking forward to hearing what's going on.

  2. Thank you dear, I would much rather be mysterious than boring :)
    More soon .. C

  3. Your post makes me want to send more Christmas cards this year. I do send birthday cards to everyone in the family but Christmas cards are sporadic. In an age where everything is done on our computers I forget the simple things like sending a Christmas card.

  4. For some people Christmas isn't about having a photograph taken of the whole family wearing matching pyjamas; for some it can be the loneliness time of the year. I am sorry this past Christmas wasn't great but you get to decide where & with whom you spend your time in the future.

    Good luck with your future plans.


  5. heti, I will be moving ... I will send you my real address..

    Birdie, if I had a huge amount of people to send cards to or no time for anything, I would do things differently I am sure.
    But for me, in my old fashioned wistful ways ... a real card sent in the mail , that will sit on the mantle to look at now and then, as a sign that someone was that thoughtful .. means a lot to me.
    As long as I can remember, I sent cards in the mail to family and friends.
    Sadly my list got smaller this past couple of years, loved ones are gone and friends sometimes drift away and are gone ...

    But ask anyone, it is not a drag or unpleasant, to get a card in the mail ..

  6. Barbara, I don't know if I or anyone else really gets to choose much :) It seems that it is all already set and will happen anyway, or not.

  7. I hope Christmas 2017 will be better for you.

  8. Thank you Unknown, if I have anything to do with it, it will definitely be better :)

  9. Candice, I'm so sorry Christmas was crummy. I think you're discovering what you really want and where you really want to be. It's just a pain-in-the-neck process. Next Christmas will be good.

  10. Looking forward to hearing about your plans.

  11. I stock up at the dollar store. They are by far not the nicest cards but nobody has ever complained. I'm also the Sunshine Girl at a support group I go to and I send out cards for them as well. I send out a LOT of cards!


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