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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Paris ... or ... Italy .... or Buenos Aires ?

I don't know why but living in a new modern Condo in Florida just doesn't have the same appeal as being in one of these old buildings in Buenos Aires.
Partly , for me, they remind me so of Paris .. if you need to daydream about living in Paris, instead of Buenos Aires ..
The blends in the architecture and the city, with its parks like Paris, its buildings like Paris and Italy, its food and customs a blend of Europe and South America.. all make it unique and familiar and so very appealing.
I only ever wanted to live in London.
My ancestors were from England .. I blend in there .. I even speak the language !
Well, mostly.

I fell head over heels in love with Paris when we went there for a long weekend, while staying in a flat in London one year. From then on, we went back every year, once or twice in the year, to Paris.
When my husband decided to retire, we played with the idea of London , Paris we worried would be too difficult with the language ..
But then, as fate would have it, we went to Argentina on a holiday and my husband asked me one month later, How would you like to move to Buenos Aires ?

And so it went ....

This was a neighboring building, in Buenos Aires.
Our building was similar, smaller, not as beautiful on the outside but with marble floors and soaring high ceilings and French doors throughout  ... it fulfilled every dream I ever had of what I would like my home to look like if I lived in Europe / France or England or ....

to be continued


  1. ... or Spain. The picture of the building (and previous pictures you shared) remind me so much of the architecture in Valencia. You should go and see for yourself.
    Take care! xxx

  2. My niece is traveling the world for her honeymoon. She fell in love with BA and now I want to go visit. She did say that BA is extremely expensive. Did you find this to be so?

  3. When we were there the USD was strong and the AR was weak ... Everything was very affordable for us.

  4. Mym, it is on my list :) which keeps getting longer !!


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