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Thursday, February 9, 2017

All the Little Creatures

If I am not careful, I will become one of those saints .. Our Lady of the Little Creatures...or something.
I got Minette because I wanted a cat, she was waiting for me. We are very pleased with each other.
Then I was just playing with the idea of getting another young cat to be her company when I left her alone at home ...
I might have looked at one website .. nothing .. then I was just for the hell of it, looking at dogs at the shelter .. it got too sad, I went over to the cats page.

Dogs in a shelter will break your heart into a million pieces and that is just their mug shot.
Those faces stay with me forever !
Cats in a shelter often do the same thing but sometimes, I feel like cats have attitudes that suit them better ... they are in a cage in an animal shelter and the look on their face is Get Lost Buster, I am trying to take a nap here !

Then I saw the photo ... the crabbiest looking cat face ... everything was frowning. His attitude reached out of the computer and hit me in the face ...
Bug off Lady !
But then when you really look at it for a minute, you saw a sad old cat that was just horrified at the sounds and lights and people and noise and nothing soft, everything hard, in this world he was thrust into.
I called them, the next morning, they just opened. I was raring to go.
Me :
"Is that cat you named "Cubby" still there ?"
Shelter :
"Yes he is."
"Hold him, I am on my way, tell him I am coming to get him ! "
"I will tell him."

I walked in and they somehow knew it was me. 2 minutes later a lady walked out with him in her arms. This huge long haired, badly cut long hair, squinty blue eyes, cranky faced , beautiful baby with the worst croaky voice .. He has only meowed maybe 3 times since I have had him ... it is not a pretty sound.
Minette meows pretty .... ( that might be the name of a movie some day)

He rode in the front seat next to me, in his crate that I brought with me ... with his own towel to soften the ride, with me telling him who I was and what a life he had ahead of him ! He would soon forget all the Bad Stuff and only enjoy the Good. And that was a Promise.

Minette loved him on sight.
She wraps herself around him, purrs, and sleeps next to him.
They bonded right away, the crabby old man and the sweet little girl.

Tonight I walked out onto the lanai.
I saw Merlin laying on the chair ... dozing to a pillow.
And then I realized , that was not a pillow, it was Minette.

He is fading , I am afraid. He eats which is good, drinks which is good, but he sleeps more and hides .. I have to find him, pull him out from under the bed or wherever and talk to him .. he purrs when I speak to him. But he is most content under the bed all the time .. sleeping and sleeping.
I am so afraid one day he will not wake up.

I knew this was the Downside to getting an old cat.
I would not have done anything different. But I adore that cranky old boy .. I hope he is just feeling bored with living here.

I have my mom's cat, Honey , here too and she fits right in. Merlin might not know she is here yet but she is respectful of him and a sweet natured, young , huge cat/kitten.
She will actually give you a backache if you pick her up ... she might weight 20 lbs . I tried to weigh her and she freaked out when I stepped on the scale ... sigh ... drama queen.

We ( Merlin and Minette , Honey and I) were sitting out watching the sky change colors, from day to twilight to night ... when he perked up, he saw something .. then I noticed Minette, she was statue still, she saw "it" too ...
I slowly walked over by them and looked ... at first I could see nothing ... then I saw it ...
a cat.
A cat much like Merlin  .. a long haired silver cat with dark markings like a Siamese.
Does it have a family ? Is it a neighbor ? Does it need a home ?

To be continued :

I saw The Cat again last night and I am happy to report that his human lives a few doors away from me. The Cat was mooching around, turned and ran back to his own home.
Phew ! that was a close call :)


  1. Please give Merlin a gentle scratch behind the ears and a pat on the head and tell him it comes all the way from Scotland from another tired old man.

  2. Our tired old man was content to be hand fed roast salmon and then tucked into a newly made bed with a new blanket bought just for him.
    He is sleeping on a cloud right now.
    Minette will be jealous.
    Honey is here beside me ... she is so sweet and easy going <3
    Thank you Andrew, I am hoping tomorrow will see a sign of Merlin snapping out of it :)


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