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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Update on the Sweet Old Man

Merlin sleeps under my bed on a soft cushion of old towels and pillow cases that are silky from age.
I am not sure but he might be finding this all too comfortable and thinking he is going to just stay like this ... napping, eating . sleeping .. eating and now and then putting up with Mama taking him out into the light and holding him, kissing him, telling him how much she loves him and kissing him some more.
If there is a Most Kissed Cat Contest ...... Merlin Wins !!

Minette and Honey check on him.
Honey slept under the bed next to him most of the morning .. such a sweet girl.

So we will all just keep thinking that Merlin is staying warm and snug and not being bothered by anyone or anything and everything is fine.
That is just about the only way I can stand to think about this ... Everything Is Fine.

Too many sad bad things have happened to me in the past year.months .. I need to hold on to Merlin and Minette and now Honey.
They are so much more important than other things and persons.
They bring love and comfort .. others don't. So who would you choose ? ! That's right, Merlin and Minette and Honey.

I told Merlin about the possibilities of a trip.
We will see if that gets him fired up ... or just awake.


  1. Just checking in on Merlin. I hope there is some improvement now. Poor old man. Give him a hug from me.

  2. Thank you, heti, So far, so good. Eating and drinking and doing all the other things a healthy cat would do .. plus his own special little habits .. he likes to sit by me while he washes his face after eating. I think he is letting me know how good it was. I am hopeful.

  3. Merlin spent the day under my bed.
    He has been fed, given water Nd kisses a lot...all, under the bed.

  4. Oh dear, back under the bed? At least he is eating and drinking. Hopefully he will come out from under the bed when he is good and ready.

    There are days I wish I could spend under (or in) the bed.

  5. He ate dry food if I hand fed him ... He drank some water .. otherwise, he is staying under the bed and that is that.
    As long as he ate and drank, I don't care if he is under the bed. it is kind of nice under there .. quiet .. warm .. he has soft blankets .. maybe I will go under there with him .. hmmmm.

  6. Cat food that is like pate and very creamy consistency is working .. Science Diet possibly, if anyone wants to know I will go look but he eats every drop.. washes his face and hands and goes to sleep :)
    Yes, Merlin has hands.
    He is sleeping, under the bed but at least I know he had food and water. He is warm and snug on a bed fit for a kitty king ..
    I just hope and pray he wakes in the morning, my sweet boy feeling normal again.
    I will talk to the vet tomorrow, the one that saw him a few days ago.
    TTFN ~


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