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Alan Cohen
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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Under The Bed

Minette and I are exhausted from waiting on Merlin hand and paw. 
Honey is pretty tired too , she has kept Merlin's toys company all day.
He ate when fed but remains in the same spot all day.
Although my grandfather used to do that too .. 

So today will be spent making lists, plans and tending to a very old , very dear cat that I really can't bear the thought of losing.

He went under the bed and remains there.
I am so glad I have not gained weight and can slide under the bed easily ..

Someday when no one can find me, they should look under my bed.


  1. I was hoping to hear better news. Maybe he's just in 'nesting' mode ...
    Keeping my fingers crossed.
    Sweet boy, feel better soon !

  2. I think Merlin is a clever cat who knows when he is on to a good thing!

    Hope the lists and planning are going well.

  3. Thank you heti, he is definitely a clever old cat. I realized this morning that he manages to get a ride up and down the stairs every morning .. Right now he is under the bed again which makes me sad.
    Minette is trying to eat everyones breakfast and Honey has decided a nap is a good idea.

    I am going to work on closets today- I know , my life is beyond exciting.


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