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Thursday, January 12, 2017

I Resign.

You know in novels or in movies, there is a scene where the woman will be having a bit of hysterics and the man ( usually) says in a sensible voice, stop being hysterical, think of this and think of that and be strong etc etc" ?
The point being he will speak calmly and sensibly and help the hysteria calm down and go away.

Well.... in my fumbling way, I thought I could do that online .. in an email.
Being the sensible one, the calm voice of reason, the one that says it really sucks right now and nothing about it is your fault and it will get better and you will be happy again.

In the movies and novels, the person having the fit, calms down, says you are right, thank you for caring. Or  at least weeps on your shoulder and you feel that you did help, you did what you could..

So an old friend has had some tough knocks lately.
A family member delivered them.
The friend is reeling.
And a wee bit hysterical and frantic .. 
And her friend said that this was not her doing, that the person with the problem will have to straighten up and fly right and it will be tough but they can do it. And nothing she did was wrong except love the person.

And the response was an hysterical attack on me .
LOL .... my husband would have said I Told You So ... don't get involved ... don't say anything .. someone in that state of mind will not see you helping, they will be too defensive, they will hate you for it.

So there you are.

I am officially resigning from my position of Shoulder To Cry On.

Now to more exciting things to think about ... 
I am seriously debating with myself ... and I am winning ... on one more house move.
North...if not South.

I am already considering movers and how many boxes do I still have etc.
I miss New York.
I miss my little family in New York.
I miss my in-laws... who are really my family, the only one I have. If you don't count those who seem to spend their time reading my blog and being ungrateful. LOL

No, really, my family is in New York and that is where I ought to be.
So today is the Beginning of the Next Chapter in the Book of Me.


  1. Oh people are strange, being angry at supportive friends. Your move sounds like it will be a good one, toward supportive family and friends.

  2. Thanks Terra .. it was like having a little dog that suddenly went nuts and tried to bite me LOL

  3. Wow! I expected a move south, but back north, to a small town or even the city will be good for you I think. I shall be here egging you on again, wherever you end up!

    I admit when I saw the title of today's post I was afraid you were stopping your blog. Phew.

    Maybe your friend is just hurting so much they kicked out at you, even though they love you, and in time will appreciate you. Or maybe not.

  4. Or live in a plush motorhome and move like a migratory bird (not feasible with cats I don't suppose, although maybe; but anyway, the romanticism would wane I suppose, maybe.)

    Too bad about the shoulder effort. People are strange sometimes (I know I am).

  5. Thank you dear heti !
    I am not worried which for me is a good sign.
    I came here with hope and nothing worked out that well, except this gorgeous townhouse I am living in:)
    I probably expected too much from some people or maybe not.
    I think this time I am not taking the blame but I am getting out of Dodge lol
    Logistics are occupying my mind...movers cats, driving for 3 days, packing! Storage...Oy!

  6. People are strange for sure...I have 2 siblings that both need a good kick in the ass!
    But...I will keep to the end of the day, I know I am right...
    Sending good vibes for your thinking process...
    remember the snow? hahaha!
    Enjoy your evening Candice...
    Linda :o)

    1. Linda
      Snow never frightened me like the tornado warnings And hurricane.
      I am almost fond of snow now lol

  7. Oh and Linda, this person was never as close to me as a sibling but I would still love to kick her in the ass.. the target is large enough lol yes, meow.


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