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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Sunday, January 1, 2017

A New Year / Goodbye Old Year !

Happy New Year.
I hope it is a fun, healthy, good year.
Boy, a lot went on in my Old Year.
I am still coming to terms with so many things.
I have a new home. I miss my old home.
I have friends. New and Old ... some  old friends abandoned ship, they  were actually no loss, actually not real friends.
So I have some treasured friends that I appreciate more, thanks to the "loss" of a few    people .
I appreciate some people more than ever.
I am ashamed that I don't show it often enough.
I am saddened by the change in some people, gladdened by the sweetness and steadfastness of others.
Happily, there are more Good people than those others.

I am now the caregiver of 3 cats. Thank you Mom. Her last gift to me , was I thought, a sad burden.
One that I did not expect, want or even have the chance to reject.
The choice given me was something like take it or it will go to a shelter ..
So now I am mom to Minette, Merlin and Honey.
Honey is the biggest, heaviest cat I have ever seen, not to mention owned. She came that way.
I hope the running up and down stairs here, will help slim her down.
But then I notice, she cleans everyone's bowls at mealtimes. .
She has this little chirpy girl meow.

Merlin pays no attention .. just feed him, kiss him and let him have the best part of the bed.
In exchange for that, you can kiss him, hold him and love him to your hearts content.
And some people with broken hearts Really appreciate that .. more than words can tell.

Minette is still my little warrior girl. She has no idea how small and delicate she is, she thinks she is a lioness. I need to try to copy her attitude more.

Together we are muddling along, in this very nice home, which is not really ours so we are contemplating new homes, different sorts of homes, in Other Places.

In a way it is very sad, not having my Own place ..but in another, it is nice to know I can pack up and go somewhere else, if I am not happy, for whatever reason.

I can be selfish now. I raised 2 children with the help of my husband and now I am alone, I only have to really consider myself.
They have their own lives and children to worry about. I have to try harder not to be one of their worries.

And I hope some people  try harder to show me respect and mind their own business ..
I totally owe a huge Thank you to my daughter who made just about everything possible when I arrived here and she still does so much for me. She is a daughter to be proud of ..

It has been a rough beginning for me, I am sure things will be smoothing out.
I know what to do and how to do it .. learned from the sad lessons of a life thrust upon me when I least expected it.

Now on to Fun things. Fun places. Fun people.
There I am ... standing there with the pile of suitcases .. and 3 cat carriers. Waiting to get on the .....


  1. Hope that 2017 is both a good and happy year for you Candice. You made giant strides last year uprooting yourself from your old home to this new one proving that you can do it.
    Glad the suitcases are out ready and that you are starting to make new plans and have fun.

  2. Thank you dear ! Planning trips and moving house is always exciting .. when it was with my husband it was fun, I rarely worried, I knew he would get it right, and he did. Now I find that one of the times we moved and were not happy and left, is possibly happening again so I am keeping my mind open for new places or perhaps old places to visit.

    One of the few sad things about being alone is ... you are alone. Everything is up to you. But with that comes the freedom to make decisions based on what You want.. not someone else .. a nice freedom to enjoy.


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