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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Good Memories

 We never felt that claustrophobic feeling of being trapped in a city with buildings and cars and noise and so many people... not when a block away from our home were parks that went on for miles and miles.
Where birds and people sat on benches and children and men played ball games and mothers sat and talked to friends or just watched over their young ones.
Where people like us, soaked in the pleasure of Being there.
Tate was such a happy dog in Buenos Aires ... Out the door in the morning and a block down to the park where he could sniff every single inch of the park while we had a morning scone ..
Often sharing mine with pigeons .. there was a homeless lady who sat in the park each day .. after we had been there for some time, I started to get more brave and one day I offered her a scone. She looked very suspicious but nodded at me and took it.
I saw that she only ate some of it then put the rest away. I felt she didn't want to eat it all at once .. so I started giving her a small bag of scones each Monday when we bought ours.
She never acted like she knew us, recognised us nor did she smile ... but it didn't matter. I knew she was getting something tasty to eat .
I heard from a neighbor that there were places that all the homeless people went to at night, to wash, eat and sleep. The city would not allow them to camp in the parks, but they provided clean shelters and food for them. That is why the old woman in the park never looked so unkempt as the homeless I have seen in other cities, in other countries.
Those parks were their own little worlds .. for us, a green space with fresh air, benches under massive old trees, police on gorgeous horses that would allow Tate the Pup to whimper and wag his tail and just have a glorious fit of adoration .. why he loved horses so much I have no idea but he was never so happy as when he got to bump noses with the police horses .
The police were always a bit bemused but also always gentle and quiet with him.

I sit here and write these memories down and think of how time has passed, what has changed , what has been lost and I am grateful for the memories.
There are so many good memories.


Marty Damon said...

So good to write these memories down. I always think I've forgotten a time or event until I begin to write about it and then the time often comes flooding back. Someday, put them all together for yourself. I've used sites like Shutterfly to create a little hardbound book.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Candice,
Yes, one day we too will be but a memory and it is a blessing for re-living the fond moments of life shared with loved ones!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I agree Candice, holding on to treasured memories, keeps them alive in your heart and mind.
Oftentimes, I find myself being transported back to my homeland, walking the hills and dales, as if my feet has never left it's shore.
Hold on to those memories.

g nolan said...

Oh Scarlett,

As usual you have that way with words. It is a blessing. Everybody loves what you can do with the English language.


NotesFromAbroad said...

geoffbob ! Email me !

NotesFromAbroad said...

Brit, that sounds so lovely. Thank you :)

NotesFromAbroad said...

Marty, in one of his lives, my husband was a professional photographer. He gave me my first "real" camera :) I still have that beat up, exhausted Nikon . I have a site where I keep photos .. not shutterfly but same idea.

Brit, I was in Crossville Tenn once. It was not only so very beautiful but the people were all beautiful too .. all the way through. <3

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