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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Small Unexpected Treats

My daughter bought a condo and is preparing to move in ..
My very nice brother offered to come to her house from his house in the Carolinas, and paint for her.
He brought along his step brother.
I got the treat of stopping by her new home and getting to see my Baby Brother ... and his step brother, who I last saw when he was around 10 years old, if that old.
I babysat for him when he and his siblings were little.
But there he was, this nice looking young man with this great smile and those eyes that some smiley people have ... like they might twinkle.
I had not seen him since he was a little boy. He grew up quite nicely. And he acted nicely .. the little boy I used to know.
It was a treat on a day of sadness and feeling lonely and sorry for myself.

Good news ... I did the laundry and the machine works , quietly , water stayed where it is supposed to stay and nothing bad happened. That was a treat for sure !
I am not sure how long it will take for me to get over my fear of washing machines flooding. Perhaps never. I might have to move to a home where the laundry is not on the second floor of a condo that is fully carpeted.
Or better yet, live somewhere like Buenos Aires where you take your laundry to the lava ropa down the street and they do it for you. plus ironing. Does anyone see Anything wrong with that ???
I thought not. It is a treat.

The skies are cloudy but there is no wind.
It is getting dark ... Yesterdays storms are out there somewhere   ... I think Florida is being skipped by one but I am sure there are others lurking out there ... making sure I am never relaxed. Although I think when it is officially winter, the hurricane season ends ... right ?

But for now .. my daughter will soon be living close by, which includes my blue eyed grandson and his killer smile ... it will be nice. Just knowing they are there.
I will be a great mom/grandmother, I will only visit when invited.

I hope they invite me !! :)

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