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Monday, October 31, 2016

I wonder ...

The girls, lolling around, talking about the days plans.
I remember when they both hissed at the sight of each other.
Merlin still looks surprised when he sees Honey .. I don't know if he forgets her or if the size of her constantly shocks him.
Every time I have to pick her up, it shocks me.
And then Minette weighs nothing and Merlin is like picking up a large soft feather. . with a cranky voice.
My arm muscles must be getting stronger .. my back is getting more achey ... she is just enormous and dead weight when I pick her up. I think she makes herself heavier when I pick her up ..
Her little legs look so short .. if she was the right weight, her legs might look like they belong on that body. lol ...
I totally love her though. We lost our mama .. we are totally bonded now.
And Miss Minette and Sweet Merlin are part of Honeys family too.
I wonder how they would feel about a dog .......


Fran Lindblom said...

How did you introduce your cats to each other? Did you separate them at first? It's great how they all get along? Minette is a third of Honeys size!

NotesFromAbroad said...

She is about a third of her size, definitely in weight.
I got Minette first. At about 2-3 months .. then I got Merlin who is ancient, they ignored each other then bonded .. the old man sought warmth and comfort, the baby girl sought comfort ( cat type) .. they slept together almost from the first time they met .
When we arrived here, my mom died. She had this young cat named Honey ... who was fed out of love but too much love. She is terribly overweight.
So she gets cat sized meals now, probably stealing a bite here and there from the others but she also has a 2 story home to run up and down stairs and other cats to be company for her ... she is huge but still in kittenhood .. yeah ... some big kitten !
She is ridiculously sweet and has this tiny girl meow <3

anne marie in philly said...

pretty kitties!

Rafe's Hotel said...

So glad it all worked out. Great pic of Minette and Honey - they have a good life (and so does Merlin when he wakes up to realize it, LOL).

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