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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Yes, I miss Buenos Aires ..

An Autumn Day in Buenos Aires.
Every day we would walk from our home to this area, maybe a 20 minute walk .. and buy scones, fresh from the oven.
Then we would sit in the park and have a scone, talk about the days plans then walk back home.
Buenos Aires does have its seasons , just a bit milder than where I have been used to .. NY.
I missed BA winters since I have been back in the US.
No fear of being buried in snow for weeks at a time.
No terrible bills from the gas/oil/heat people.
Even when you are all alone, when the weather is nice, you can be outdoors, out among other people.
Being snowed in for months or just staying indoors away from frostbite .. gets to be dreadful for a person alone.
I found that it took / has taken a while, to shake that off.
I am alone but not , now.
I am able to talk to people and see family or friends easily.
People are friendly here.
That is the way it was in Buenos Aires. People were friendly and warm and curious about Why we moved there .. and of course, everyone wanted to meet Tate , the Pup.
So .. yes, I miss Buenos Aires .


  1. I can understand you missing that Buenos Aires weather, it sounds like where I live in California. Nice weather for taking walks all year. It sounds like you are adjusting to being in NY now, as you wrote "alone, but not alone".


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