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Alan Cohen
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Sunday, September 25, 2016


I have Bags Under My Eyes.
Things Happened but   why do I have more wrinkles around my eyes, or why do the cats sleep after they see me up and drinking coffee but not while I am in bed , huddled in the blankets... moaning ... shut up ... go to sleep ... waaaaa...
Ever hear a cat snicker ?
Well, they do.

I looked in the mirror.
I know, big mistake first thing in the morning, too early in the morning .. my eyes .. my eyes.
I lost a bit of weight, you would think the bags under my eyes in the morning would be smaller.
Is all the water in my body retained under my eyes ?? I thought it distributed itself all over .. like fat fingers or a full bladder ... but no .. it sits there on your face, under your eyes ... telling the world ..
Look ! she had too much MSG last night ! 
Look at this woman ! Too lazy to cook but not too lazy for Ramen Noodles !

When I was much younger, I never knew anything about bags under ones eyes.
I was a skinny little thing who dreamt of having to wear a larger bra size.
Sometimes life is just not fair.

* I do know that people wake up with much worse issues in their lives and I know that what makes me laugh is not what makes everyone else laugh so if this offends you in any way, I apologize and urge you to not read my blog anymore... because sooner or later, I am sure I will say something offensive again ... I know, it isn't fair but that's life.*

                          This little sweetie is a future Lancome Under Eye Concealer user ...


  1. bwhahahahahahaha! good morning! bags and sags are part of me and I wouldn't change a thing. morons who are offended can go suck a duck!

  2. I kind of want that baby too ... oh well.

  3. There I was hoping it was bags being packed for a trip south.

    Like Anne Marie bags and sags (and a few wrinkles and crinkles) are a part of me, along with the grey hairs that are on the increase.
    I'd rather look lived in than pulled so tight my belly button is where my mouth should be :).

    Enjoy your noodles, and let the noodles who take offence at you noodle off.

  4. My employer left a tube of concealer on my office desk. I quit the next day. haahaaaa

  5. Hahaha! I've never lived in Florida, but if it's anything like the rest of the south, bags under the eyes are from allergies (or their cousin, reaction to changes in the barometric pressure). What the heck ... everyone old enough to have known a kinder world has them. Good crowd, mostly. :-) Mary


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