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Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Good Thing

I have always , it seems, been enchanted with the sky . Sounds goofy but I tend to pay a lot of attention to the way the skies are , especially in places I might live in. Argentina had fabulous skies, it is very flat and the air is clean and clear. So it makes sense that the skies are beautiful.  The sunsets are fabulous.

Here , above, you have my Florida sunset. A couple of nights ago.
The US South, wherever you go, you are going to see Pine trees. The pines here are very tall.
Then there are the evergreens, like big fat Christmas trees, so there are beautiful mixes of many shades of green ... with lush soft green grass.
All coming together to fool a person into thinking it must be the middle of summer and not winter or fall. This is all fine with me, I saw too much snow and bare trees in the recent past, I can enjoy the sight of all this Green for a while.

It is very flat here, the skies stretch out for wonderful views.
The clouds coming in off the ocean are massive and full of character. Not small puffy little white cotton balls, these clouds have oomph ! They are big, and look solid ... they are the clouds a child would lie in the grass on their back and look up at and see the shapes and think that they are animals ..
I remember seeing an elephant cloud when I was a child. The big cloud ears, the cloud trunk .. my mom agreed, it was definitely an Elephant.
She was very good at encouraging a child's imagination. Even when she would say to someone, that child has Some Imagination !!  It was always a Good Thing.


  1. I saw clouds just like that when I was a shaver. Only we called them hefalumps.

    Geoffbob alias DCS Foyle

  2. A name from the past, so happy to see you Geoffbob ...

  3. How good your mom encouraged you imagination. Keep enjoying the sky and clouds.


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