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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday ..... Catday ....

I have come to the conclusion that I am indeed, a Cat Lady.
Hopefully not a Crazy Cat Lady but I will admit that I am more fond of my cats than I am of most humans  and they bring me more enjoyment than most humans.

They are also loyal and are not known to be back stabbers or liars.
And they never use excuses for not visiting, writing or calling.
They never need them, they are there, 24/7 .. and usually purring.
And they are honest.
Although I have seen the little drama kitten Minette go into the Starving Kitty routine enough to know that while she is honest, she is not above a good exaggeration when she smells Fishy Cat Food cans being opened.

Moving them to Florida was a good thing. Forget about what it means for me, the cats are in Kitty Nirvana .. imagine if your main goals in life were Warm Spots for Naps ... lots of Naps ... food at regular times and if it stinks to high heaven of canned fish, Even Better.

Then there is the  Human to pet you, brush you, cut the tangles out and to trim your nails so you don't get hung up on those gorgeous linen drapes .... someone who never complains to you about your joy in flinging litter as far as possible ... just for the hell of it.
A human that whispers loving things to you, using    words that you don't know  but you definitely know the touch and sound .. a sound that can only be replied to with the sound of purring.

So yes, I am the Cat Lady ... and glad of it.


  1. We have a kitty cat too, or does she have us? We are trying to tame a second cat who visits our yard and eats here.

  2. LOL, Terra, I think they have us. by the hearts.
    They sometimes take a long time to be trusting again but just that you are offering food and shelter is a wonderful thing.

  3. Acacia dealbatas, maybe?

  4. We are cat people, they are the reasons we wake up at a certain time each morning to feed, groom, and discuss our days with them.
    Oftentimes I think my husband is saying something to me, only to find out he's talking to the cats :)
    Just as yours, they fill our lives and our hearts.

  5. I may be a lady now without cats, but I'll always be a Cat Lady!

  6. Dearest Candice,
    Lovely written and from the heart and you are so right about the cats' loyalty and love!
    How Honey is on the scale... and what beautiful big eyes she got.
    Great photos...

  7. From another cat lady...yes, they are a joy and such good company.

  8. Such adorable pictures! Kitties are honest and loving. I keep reminded that unconditional love does exist :-)

    Thank you for your sweet comment on Kit xoxo

  9. Can I come and be a cat in you house? Will cut own nails. Will bring pillow.

  10. Onevikingirl, you are welcome to join us, there are plenty of pillows :)

  11. How lovely. I too am a Cat Lady...but still (sad face) missing one.


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