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Friday, August 12, 2016

In the South ..

Now it is all coming back to me.
Why Southerners are considered to be "slower" than Northerners..
In the North it can be cold ... who wants to walk along, dawdle and window shop and take your time going down the street when the wind is blowing and your nose feels like it has fallen off from being frozen too long ?
Who is going to stop and chat with someone on the street about where they got their haircut or where did they find those shoes ?! You would freeze in place Up North !

In the South, it is warm .. slows you down, why rush around and get warmer ? take your time, honey.
You see something in a shop window, someone else sees it too, you have a nice conversation with a perfect stranger who calls you honey when you say goodbye.

In the North, you dread winter, you know from all those winters before ... it will be so cold, you won't want to leave the house for weeks at a time.
You will get these weird dreams of beaches and dream about the scent of suntan lotion ... and wake up huddled under all the blankets and fighting the cats for one last comforter.

In the South, you eat better, it is Summer all the time, produce and fruit are fresh .. not fresh frozen ..
You can eat watermelon, and grilled salmon and salads to your hearts content.. or lay on the sofa watching tv with a few cats... enjoying some chocolate ices.
In the winter. In the South.
Where the waitress called me honey. . would you like some more iced tea, honey ?
She was so nice, I had more tea, I am sloshing from all the iced tea I have been drinking ..sweet iced tea ~

So far, I am happy with my decision to move South.
So are the cats ... and wouldn't you know, my Mom's cat that I inherited, is named ... Honey.


  1. Yes, southerners polite to a fault.
    The endearments are something we become used to hearing, and when traveling elsewhere I miss them.
    Last night we ate at a good southern restaurant, the sweet iced tea flowed abundantly and so did the 'honeys'.

  2. I grew up in NC and was so happy to leave there as I left school and headed into being Independent. I traveled and met all sorts of people and married and lived in NY and South America and now .. here I am , in the South .. feeling right at home .. :)


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