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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dog Days

This is when I want a dog. . . or two. Seeing puppies like this ...
The cats and I have spent the entire day , staying in ... enjoying fresh air and air conditioning ... at the same time. I am inside some but outside mostly with the fans and the cats in their summer heat comas.
I read and listen to music then go inside to cool off a bit and see if anyone sent an email.
They didn't.

So I go back outside and daydream, imagine a new home, puppies, friends and some sort of social life and then I am shaken out of my daydreams by one very cranky old cat who reminds me that he has to eat on time or else.
Even though it is too early, I feed him. I can still feel all his bones, old cats are like that ... he still digs in at mealtime so I am happy he is well and eating and he can be as cranky as he wants to be.

Minnette waits to see if he leaves anything in his dish and she eats it.
But she doesn't eat her own. She is obviously one of those (children) who thinks what is in the other bowl looks better... even though they eat exactly the same thing.
So I humor her, I take her bowl and the other bowls away then put down one bowl ( hers) and she gobbles it up .. smug with the knowledge that mama gave her a special treat.
Merlin and Honey yawn and go out into the heat for an after dinner nap.

I hope everyone is staying cool, relaxing and enjoying their summer days ...
Hard to believe it is already the end of July ...


  1. I have to remember your trick with Minette -- I have a cat like that.

    Am guessing that before long, as you settle in, there will be a growing circle of friends ... and LOL, before long, you'll be thinking, 'whew, so much to do -- a nice, peaceful weekend of no obligations would be just fine.' :-) You deserve that.

  2. Funny how we look forward to summer (although in the south I guess that's relative) and then are trapped into immobility by its heat.
    We're in our second week of 90+ degree heat here in Massachusetts and I'm spending less time outside than I do during blizzards.

  3. Oh Marty .. Hot Summer days up North can be a big deal. You/we aren't used to them so they do flatten a person a bit.
    We rented a house one time in Sheffield Ma ... it only had a/c in the bedroom. There was a heat spell ... we were either in the car with a/c, a restaurant or shop with a/c or in the bedroom lol
    It was a very romantic holiday LOL

  4. When I open the door onto the porch first thing in the morning, it feels like an oven, the humidity is thick and the windows look as if it has rained... summers in the south.
    Your kitties are spoiled, as are mine, they have their own quirks and antics, it's what keeps us entertained.
    Sadly I haven't owned a dog in over twenty years, what once was a house filled with Yorkshire Terriers is dog less.
    Sounds like you are enjoying summer in your new home !

  5. Brit, I love the idea of a house filled with Yorkies ! What fun :)
    Yes, the kitties are spoiled and I say, why not ? :) besos to you and your kitties.


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