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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Being a Cat

There are so many things I should be doing right now but all I can think of doing is sitting here and talking to you ... out there.
The cats are napping. They had a hard day- up and down those stairs. .. watching me straighten the closet .. watching me put things in the kitchen cupboards .. watching the painters outside .. who watched the cats inside .

It is peaceful here. Woods behind us, town homes and gardens and a small lake and you never notice a car going by .. sometimes a fussy pup will walk along, barking to whoever it is that is walking him .. they never seem to answer him .. maybe if they did he would stop fussing.

I used to talk to Tate (Pup) all the time. He knew words  .. "daddy" , "dinner" ... "walk" ... "go bye bye" which was going in a car and not for a walk. Either one got you a madly wagging tail and a tap dance.

So I talk to the cats.
Minette will pay attention for ... oh ... a minute.
Merlin might open one eye .. usually not.

It doesn't stop me .. I just jabber away to them anyway. If I don't, my voice might just fade away and I will get all tongue tied and forget all the words if I don't talk to something/someone  some time !

I worry the clerks in the bank or the people at the counter in the cafe, fight over who gets to wait on me .. the loser gets to wait on me.
Probably the one who is half deaf and can't hear me anyway.

But I think I am better, I think I can be quiet and not chatty much better than a while back ... I have either lost the will to speak or I have finally given up ..

It is quite beautiful here. Minette and I sit out in the back and watch the little creatures and big birds in the woods ... just steps from my back patio. All screened in and everyone inside is safe.
The painters were here for a few days, painting the entire place .. outside.
The cats were there every morning until they left, making sure they got the job done right.

My daughter brings lovely lunches from interesting restaurants or we go to a local place and have a bite and giggle. She is great if you need cheering up.
Actually, she is just great.

I called my broker, the lady who handles my finances wherever I am ... my husbands old client and friend .. and her assistant answered, yelled at me and insulted me.
The broker went overboard apologizing and sending me fabulous huge baskets of flowers and I forgave her, she didn't do it but there are days that it seems the world is just too strange.
Apparently the assistant is 80 years old. It might be time to retire Helen.

I sometimes feel like I  am in a quirky foreign movie .. things are just odd and askew.
I am trying to just go with it ... float along and keep my head above the water .. it is about all I can do.

So I am home .. this will be home for about a year .. I might be taking a trip .. I will give myself time to settle in and see how at home I feel .. so far it has been good.
It would have been so nice if Mom had been able to be here for just a while  .. I had all these ideas of time to spend together and things to do ..things to say .. hugs and kisses to give.

Well, time to go find a kitty and give it a hug and a kiss and ask them why they didn't put the dishes in the dishwasher .. they like it when I talk to them as if they were not cats.
I like it when they talk to me as if I was a cat.

Sometimes, it is nice to just be a cat.


Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Candice,
You are SO right about it being nice to be a cat!
Yes, we wait on them and spoil them and it is rare to have one that loves us back with cuddles and attention but never mind, we still love them.
So sorry for what happened to you about your Mom, that was really poor timing but a death always will surprise us at a time we least expect it nor want it.
But the positive is that you're feeling at peace in your new surroundings and inside your home; it sounds really like being a lovely place.
Guess the weather too will be very pleasant, compared to New York.
Sending you hugs and blessings!

Rosemary said...

Dear Candice - you sound like the cat who got the cream - much more contented, purring, and in a far happier place which is so good to know for those of us that have followed you.
Take care♡

hetismij2 said...

Welcome back! Lovely to hear about your new home, and your new life. You will find your voice again soon as you make new friends, and I hope you will find them soon.
It sounds like the cats have gone from one piece of cat heaven to another. It was a good day for them the day you found them. It was a good day for you the day they found you.

Taste of France said...

It takes a while to settle. And it's good that you are near your daughter, who sounds like a gem.

A.Smith said...

It is so nice to hear from you and knowing that you are taking little steps into your future. You are right about talking to the children as the man who helps me with the garden calls them. "Good morning children, want to come outside" is how he greets them. He is kind and loves animals, particularly McKenzie and Aliah. Are the kitties adapting well to their new home? I think they sense much more than most people gives them credit for and maybe they are wondering where is the other "home" and why are they there.

Be well, don't worry about things because in the end worrying would not changed the outcome. Take care of yourself, and enjoy the quiet.


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

I am so sorry to hear that you lost your mum Candice ....... it must be such a sad time for you.
It sound's as if you are happy in your new home and that you have your daughter for company. I wish you many happy times in your new home ........ an exciting, new adventure for you. XXXX

Poppy Q said...

I always tell my cat to do the housework while I am at work - but she never listens.

What a change for you, but I am glad that you got to see your mom before she died. I got to be with my dad in February when he died, heartbreaking but at least I got to tell him I loved him.

I hope that you three are able to settle in your new place. Sounds lovely and you are lucky to have your daughter close by.

Julie Q

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you are settling in.

beyondbeige said...

You need a puppy. :)

MyriamC said...

So happy you're back online.

Linda said...

HI Candice...
I thought of you often...but...always forgot to write....
Lame I know...but...the thought was there...
Glad you are settling in...would love to see a pic of your surroundings...
Nice to have you back...
Linda :o)

Barbara said...

I checked your blog often, hoping to hear that you were o.k. & settling in. I'm so happy you have your daughter close by, glad you're back.


Mundi said...

So glad to hear that you are settling in. The loss of a parent can leave the 'child' tilting at windmills. Your new home sounds to be just what you were hoping for and having a wonderful daughter nearby is such a bonus!

Anonymous said...

So happy you're back on your blog!

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