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Monday, April 4, 2016

An Eventful Day

It all started calmly and peacefully, a good nights sleep, two snuggly cats, sun shining, birds singing .. and then ... I had to go to the bank to put the money for the deposit on the new home and ended up finding out that monies had not been paid here and there, monies were not coming in here and there and basically, nothing was working out as easy peasy as I had hoped.
Thank you God for that daughter of mine who knows Everything about Everything concerning banks, real estate transactions and generally she just knows Everything about Everything.

This might be irritating to some people but all I can say is Thank God for my Daughter.

She just knew what to say to which person and told me what to do next and the best thing was when she told me You don't have to do anything, it is all taken care of.

So I have suddenly from one day to the next acquired a new home .. gorgeous, new, private, safe, beautiful surroundings, amazing interiors, and all I have to do is sign papers ( done) and pay the fees ( done) and I can move in.
Never mind the furniture isn't here yet but the cats and I are here and I will move in and sleep on an air bed !
I want out of the hotel .. it is not so fun when you have to be sure your 2 escape artists are safe inside and no one mistakenly opens the door and lets them out .. my brain would just explode, I would not be able to bear it.

So now they will have a Townhouse with windows and screened rooms and window seats where sun shines in and helps old pussycats nap and rest their old bones .. stairs for little young cats to run up and down and be manic and to nap in the sunshine next to her old friend.

It is a quiet place, the only sound was birdsong. but it is right in the middle of the city.

Now I can tell the movers to deliver, I can figure what goes where and settle in to our new home.
So next time you see me here, it will be from our new house in Florida ..


  1. Congratulations! So glad everything got untangled.
    Pictures, please, when you get settled!

  2. That is great news, Scarlett!
    Congratulations and continued best wishes to you.


  3. That's great! Glad everything went well eventually and is taken care off. Hope you'll make a lovely home for yourself and enjoy it :)

  4. Thank you Mel !! I am getting moment by moment updates on things and all is going well... I have a new home. the cats are thrilled. well , they will be when they wake up and I tell them.

  5. Such happy news for you! The kitties are delighted with their new abode. What a precious daughter you have. It's great to be taken care of from time to time. Sounds like.....everything is comin' up roses for you.

  6. I'm smiling at the good news Candice !
    A place to nest, it's a good thing.

  7. I've been following along but haven't been able to comment for some reason. I'm so glad you're daughter is there to support you. Your new home sounds lovely. Mabel tov!

  8. Wonderful News :)
    I'm so happy everything is going so great for you.

  9. So happy for you - that you made it safely, that daughter was there to sort everything at the bank, and that already you have purchased a new home which sounds perfect for you and the kitties. Did you look at many properties?
    Can't wait to see pix.
    Happy days are here again methinks Candice! And you possibly are not even sad you missed that last snow storm up north today!
    Yeah, way to go!
    Hugs - Mary

  10. Yay! So happy for you! So nice to have a support system to lean back on. Daughters are like gold!

  11. Daughters are like gold! I'd be lost without mine.

  12. I cannot tell you how impressed I am that you found a new place so quickly. It took me a year to find a house. Of course, we were looking for something that there are very few of in our area, a one-story house. I'm so happy for you and your kitties. Enjoy your new home in good health and much happiness to you and the kitties.

  13. Dearest Candice,
    Wow, that went rather smooth and quick for your and your kitties. So glad for you and you seem to have found a very nice place for all to enjoy!
    I've had a very worrisome weekend with one of our kitties, he developed urinary tract blockage; complete blockage where the kidneys would shut off and we know what the end is... Spooky boy was not eating and in obvious pain so on Friday at 5:00 PM I called the Animal Clinic, around the corner only one mile away. She said come right over and would sedate and treat him.
    But she did never call us on Saturday all day, I was so worried and could not sleep at all. Exhausted on Sunday and via her FB Page I left her a message asking why I had to worry to death not even knowing if he still was alive... Some people can be so cruel and not seem to care.
    Like you mention here that your brain would just explode if anything would happen to your kitties in the hotel with a door left open!
    Feeling happy for you and let's hope that our Spooky will heal, he came home today but was very weak and still moaning. They'd placed a catheter inside for emptying his bladder and now we have to feed him special food for Urinary Care. It seems that kittens that eat moist food only seldom develop such problems... Lesson learned. Even adding water will help as cats don't seem to drink as much.

  14. So glad you found a house that you can turn into a home for yourself and your two little friends. Say Hi to your sweet daughter for me, will you?
    By the way, I emailed you some time ago on an old yahoo account. Is that still valid?
    Hugs and kisses xxx

  15. Sorry for some troubles, but glad your daughter is there to support you. Your new home sounds lovely. Looking forward to see some photos :-)

  16. I am so happy for you. Just such excellent news. Now you can start planning your trip to BA. Auguri!!!

  17. Well done ! Real estate transactions have always flummoxed me! Glad that you had a clear headed daughter to help!

  18. Wow, that was quick! So happy to hear you found a great place. Daughters are wonderful.

  19. So happy to hear this news. Onward and upward.

  20. Congratulations, and hope you have many happy years in Jacksonville! Looks like we'll be heading for a move in the next six months, don't know where yet, but will miss the sunshine and the beach when we leave here...hope to see you before that. Take care.


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