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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hot Cold Love Hate

So I woke to a warm quiet room with sleeping kitties on the bed.
How I love them.
I went right back to sleep.
I woke with sleeping kitties on the bed but had to get up, the idea of all the packing left to do gets me anxious.
I went to the coffee pot, set the night before to be waiting for me with life giving liquid .. and noticed the kitchen was awfully cold.
I looked at the thermostat and the temps are low in the house ... they should be higher.

So after dressing and realizing that it is really chilly in the house ! I went down to the basement of doom.

My furnace is not on.
All I knew to do was check the fuses, all fine.
Check plugs, no leaks, no reason but that it is the coldest day of the year, a perfect day to stop working.

My bedroom is warm as toast, electric heat, thenk yew veddy much.
But the rest of the house is chilly and while the sun shining   is nice, it isn't going to do much tonight.
So I have to get a plumber in on Saturday and pay a gazillion dollars for a 5 minute diagnosis with a 50 dollar wire being replaced. ( Yeah, I am onto these guys .. up here .. at this house ...)

At least my bedroom is warm.
I can always take the microwave in there and live with the cats until moving day.

Which reminds me .... ever put a small piece of tape on a cats foot ?
It is funny. She didn't think so but I fell over laughing. ( I know- laughs are scarce here sometimes)
Then I made it up to her, the stinkiest cat food for breakfast.

So after a couple of days of being very sad at the ugly, very ugly behavior and hate directed at me by 2 people that  I have considered to be   friends for a couple of years now, I am resolved to not put any faith into what people say or do on the internet and wait until I am actually in person and able to speak and laugh and talk to people before I allow them to be in the position to be cruel and hateful.
(this does not include any of you - you are trustworthy and thankfully humane)

And these people I considered real friends .. one sent me beautiful wind chimes, gifts after my husband died.
Then I read my emails and they are hateful and ugly. Go figure.

The people down the street love the wind chimes I gave them.
Now to find a repairman ...


  1. You would have thought that the 50 dollar replacement wire could have just hung on for a little while longer and broken after you had departed. Great idea to move the microwave into the bedroom where you are warm and cosy - I would never have thought of doing that, but will keep it in mind for future reference.

  2. It was not a fortune, not at all... a spot of kindness and good luck .. things were fixed keeping in mind the importance of me not freezing to death and I appreciated that.
    The starlings are gathering in my trees, it is actually loud out there, probably hundreds of them in all the tall pines. When they fly- we will have one more magical murmuration for me to weep over lol

  3. After your bird friends fly away, it's your turn to fly away to a new and wonderful start in Florida.
    Can't wait to have you as a resident :) and of course the kitties too.

  4. Wu, I can't wait to be there now too. I want some warmth, some sunshine and cheer, enough sadness and being trapped in this house.
    The cats just nap .. they gave up ... I bore them.
    Not too many days left til liftoff ..

  5. Exciting times a head. He is with you.

  6. Dearest Candice,
    Indeed, a warm bedroom with kitties is pure bliss and certainly when the rest of the house is cold.
    Bad luck for having that break down right before moving...
    Wishing you good luck for the final part before the move.

  7. I have always considered those kind of people self haters, it is the only logical explanation and may not be scientific but it works in real life, I can attest to that.

    Were you closer I would have asked Beto to go over your place and take a look at what was wrong and before you could practice your Castellano with him he would have fixed whatever was wrong. He and his wife Mirna are my guardian angels. She came to be my housekeeper because I was paralyzed after my beloved died and was a shadow myself unable to do anything at all. One of my best and dearest told me that she was sending Mirna who worked for and that I could asked her if she would like to work here, if I felt comfortable with her.

    No soon she came through the door I knew someone from the other side of the veil had to have sent her. The first thing she said to me was "I want you to know I know what you are going through. My husband died in an accident in Guatemala 22 years ago, and I didn't know how to breathed after that. I waited 15 years until I met someone as good and hard working as my husband was. So you rest, and don't worry about a thing I will take care of the puppies and Silvia will take care of the rest of the house with me". When I thanked her she said that is what we are here for, to help "los unos a los otros".

    Then Beto, her present husband, came to check my garden that was all but abandoned. That was over a year ago, now he does everything around here. I know you are going to find someone just like them to help you when you need help. Those who loved us still watching over us no matter in what or in who we believe. Barry once gave me a little card, all it said was Love trumps Destiny. Amen to that.

    You stay warm and believe that for each hater in this world must be a thousand lovers, don't let their poison touch you. They are toxic people and knowing that they can hurt is their only power. I would pity them except that even that would be wasted on their kind.

    Good night Ms C. take care of yourself to help the one who is still taking care of you.

  8. A. Smith, Thank you so much .. For the sweetness of your story, the kindness of sharing it .. thank you.


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