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Monday, March 28, 2016

On Our Way ~

Tomorrow, the cats and I will begin our new adventure.

I booked the hotel today, the air smells like apples .. we will sleep on a big fat bed with comforters and no sound but a car going by now and then ..

After the past few days of frenzied packing and and today signing the last of the official papers, I can leave with just memories and cats . A day of rest and a  good nights sleep .. we will be ready to head South.

I decided not to make it one of those drive til you get there trips but I will just drive, stop when I feel like it, take photos and make it the way my husband used to say ... Make it a Treat, Not a Treatment.
So I have to drive to Florida, it will be an adventure.

I didn't get my phone with maps and things so I will have to rely on the old fashioned cell phone and maps.
I have cameras and cats, what else do I need ??

When I arrive in Florida , there will be a frenzy of house hunting then I will be all set.
And after an appropriate amount of resting time ... I want to check on airfares to Argentina.
Buenos Aires and I have unfinished business.

So it will be quiet here for a little while.
I hope everyone has a good week ... talk to you soon ~


  1. Safe travels Candice! Hope all goes well for you and the cats. Make it a fun road trip.
    Hugs - Mary

  2. Have a wonderful, peaceful and enjoyable trip. You have earned a nice break from "busyness" so tell the kitties to look out the window because this may be a once in a lifetime experience for them.

    Take care and I look forward to hearing from you,


  3. Wishing you a safe and tranquil journey, good luck in your new venture and looking forward to reading about your adventures soon again. Buon viaggio - Ro

  4. Hope all goes well Candice and will wait to hear all about your new adventures.
    Your husband would be so proud of you. XXXX

  5. Good luck Candice - I along with many others will be wishing you well and thinking about you. You are wise to take your time and make the most of the places that you encounter on your journey. It's an adventure - looking forward to hearing when you have arrived safely at your destination - take care♡

  6. Have a safe trip, enjoy the journey, we will look forward to hearing from you when you have the time and inclination to post here.

  7. Take care & God bless on your journey into the unknown. Enjoy it. Take your time. Be safe.

  8. Safe travels and please keep us posted of your adventures with Kitty's.

  9. I hope you have a safe trip, and enjoy your adventure!

  10. Safe travels Candice, take good care of yourself and the kitties.
    Look forward to hearing from you again soon.

  11. Bon Voyage! I echo what Jacqueline says - your husband would be proud and I'll bet he will look out for you on your journey...I hope you and your sidekicks enjoy the trip!

  12. I am excited for you and your journey! Enjoy the ride! xxx

  13. wishing you the very best. I am happy for you and have a good feeling about your move. Since I have 2 cats I will be looking forward to finding out how Minette and Merlin were during your drive to Florida.

  14. Perfect time of year to start a new adventure; have a safe trip and I can't wait to be part of your new life's next chapter.


  15. Good luck on your trip! You are off on an adventure, and I am sure you will do wonderfully.


  16. Have a safe trip. Hope to hear from you soon.

  17. Bon Voyage, best wishes for a safe and fun trip for all of you!

  18. I am thinking of you. I don't know where in Florida you will land, but I am in Fort Lauderdale and if your travels take you there let me know and I will cook you dinner and pet your cats. Until then, safe travels. It is an adventure. I always love driving solo. No one can interrupt your thoughts. I find it very calming. God Bless.

  19. Dearest Candice,
    Hope by now you're already approaching the South and on your way to the new destiny.
    Best wishes and enjoy it. Good advice by your late husband; he is stil with you!

  20. So very happy for you and the kitties!
    Safe and enjoyable travels are wished for you!!

  21. I am so happy for you that you sold your house and are on your way with your kitties. I have one room almost cleaned up and 11 more to go – of course my husband does not help at all, and caring for him takes so much time that I don’t have time for the move. The weather has been lovely so I think you will have a good trip south. I noticed you had a March birthday – happy belated birthday. My birthday was last Saturday, March 26, but my husband did not remember it, he also could not remember my name … it was not a fun day. I bought some second-hand CDs at a library sale, one was of Argentine tangos – I would love to visit Buenos Aires, always wanted to go there. I hope you will go back soon. Take care.

  22. Missing you here. Hope all is well with you and the kitties. You must be seeing the �� by now.

  23. Hopefully you have now arrived and are closer to your beloved Buenos Aires. Hope you and the kitties had a good trip and are now in sunshine.


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