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Monday, March 14, 2016

Gentle Giants

A rampaging elephant smashed its way through a village in India. Smashing and destroying the fragile little homes that the people lived in.
When it heard a baby crying, it turned back and carefully removed the debris from around the infants body.
The parents were eating dinner when they heard cracking and crashing sounds ..

"We ran over and were shocked to see the wall in pieces and a "tusker" standing over our baby" said the father in an interview.
"the baby was crying, there were huge chunks of wall lying all around and on the cot."

The elephant, which officials say, has killed three people, carefully removed the rubble away from the baby and headed back into the forest.

The father said he could not believe that the elephant saved his daughter after breaking down the walls and door.
" We watched it, amazed, as it gently removed the debris that had fallen on her. It was a miracle."

The couple took the baby to the hospital where she was treated for external injuries but otherwise found to be in good health.

Conflict   has increased in parts of India in recent years because villages have expanded into land that  is part of the Elephants migration routes.
Herds of elephants ( can you imagine ?!) routinely raid farms and destroy houses but do not attack people.'

Unless people attack an elephant, these gentle giants do not harm human   beings. They are  only  down here in search of food "
said forestry official Puruia Porkasj.

Six months ago, villagers from Indias Madarihat reported than an elephant herd, carefully removed a little girl from harms way before smashing several houses.

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