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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Fast Moving System, High chance of 4 inches or greater

The meteorologist just said words like these .... A fast moving system, a high chance of 4 inches of snow or greater ... then my mind shut down.

There is coffee and enough cat food. If I am careful not to eat too much, I will make it through this one last snow storm and then I am so out of here .... there are no words.

The cats can see their last snow.
I will be reading .. online ... sleeping ... packing !!
There is no excuse now for me not to be ready to leave ... there is nothing else for me to do but pack.
And take a kitty play break now and then.

This is NY seeing me off .. wishing me well... hoping I enjoy warm temperatures .. and no snow.
Ever again.

Buenos Aires continues to look good. They don't get snow. But they get winter and fall and everything else but no snow. But the summers are not intolerable .
This ..... is a good thing.

Florida is a little too heavy on the hot and humid summers ... we will see.

I have to find that apartment with only the ocean in the view .. who cares if I can afford it ????

So in less than a month, I will be On The Road ... stay tuned. oy vey.
**** I woke to a soft  rain .. no snow ... ****


  1. I know you'll be busy, but please come back and blog when you can. I've just found your blog and can't help but be curious about your next adventure.
    I also enjoyed reading what Minette had to say, and as a long,long time cat owner, I'm especially curious how the big move goes. We're about to have one in that direction ourselves and have not replaced our last beloved cat because we couldn't picture three days in a car with a cat.
    Safe travels.

  2. Awww. Marty ! thank you !
    Minette said that as long as she gets to ride up front, she doesn't care if Merlin comes along.
    I didn't tell her they are riding together in the big crate.. why add to the stress of packing and everything.
    We traveled with our dog all over the place ... we moved from NY to Fl then to Oregon then to Buenos Aires .. all with a Standard Poodle. He was our ambassador of good will. Anyone who saw him, wanted to pet him and talk to us about him. The cats will be my security blankets :) I need them as much as they need me.
    Merlin is so old, he will sleep. Minette will get bored, she will sleep.
    I mostly worry about litter box stops and getting in and out of hotels ..
    Friends gave me good tips on soft carriers etc so hopefully it will all work out.
    I may collapse from stress once we arrive but I am determined to get us there safely and in one piece.

  3. New York knows how to make it easy to move to Florida. Keeping my fingers crossed for that ocean view!

  4. LOL, Shawn, it absolutely does ! Ocean view is a dream... I hope it happens.


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