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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Today's Trip to Massachusetts

The cupboards were bare.
There was cat food. A couple of bottles of sparkling water, cat food and tomato sauce.
But no food.

There were no more mini cinnamon rolls.
I am addicted to the mini cinnamon rolls.

I also felt like getting away from here for a few hours.
The cats nap, it was grey and gloomy, they were warm and happy.
So I left them and took off for Massachusetts !

I love the drive there ... truly an Over the River and Through the Woods trip. Past breathtaking vistas of farm fields, old homes , homes along rocky river beds with water churning along .. a nice winding curving road past vistas that you want to just slam on breaks and take a longer look ..

Driving through Egremont where there are the Old New England style churches, tall steeples with bells that really ring .. corn fields,  walled in properties where you can just see a bit of the massive wonderful home inside ..

A small private airport where no one was about today .. clouds, high winds and cold .. who wants to fly in that ??

I love shopping at the Big Y.
I had never heard of it until we arrived here from Argentina.
We were renting a house then, the Big Y was the nearby grocery.
They always have something good and tempting in addition to nice groceries.

Today I came home with groceries ... and a freshly baked chocolate muffin ... and one made with cinnamon ... and hot homemade noodle soup with chunks of sweet carrots ... lots of water, cat food and litter and did I mention bread, just out of the oven ?

Driving home , I was flying along, the only car on a beautiful country road, winding along .. thinking that this is where we started our Adventure .. we landed in NYC, 2 weeks later , in our new car we were driving up here ..stopping in Great Barrington to check rental listings .. that was the beginning of it all.

Now the couple who owned that fabulous old house live in Florida and someone else owns the house.
Now I live alone and take a long , albeit wonderful beautiful drive to that grocery store.
It makes me sad but the memories are all good.
I try not to think how things might have been if we had stayed there instead of moving to this house.

My plans have not changed but I was thinking on the drive back here, if it were possible, I would stay here if I could live there ...

Then I was met at the door by 2 kittens who were sure that I was never coming home and what did I bring them and what's in the bag ??? and can I fit in that bag ?? mom, merlins in the bag !!!
muffins ? what are muffins ? can I have some of that soup mom ...mooommmmmmm....

It was good to be home.


  1. Merlin and Minette are adamant about keeping you in the present, focused on today. Nothing more important than dinner, LOL. You can count on cats for that.

    Glad it was a pleasant trip. You seem at peace today.

  2. Love Massachusetts!!! Its glorious, that state to be sure. And muffins. What a great day for you! :)


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