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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Lighten Up

I was married when I was 21. My husband was a few years older. We were married for many years.
Not once did he ever make me feel young and stupid or that I was immature or a clueless girl.
He always acted like  and said he valued my opinions.

I am finding that he was special in that way .. in many ways really ..  but I am learning that other people have a problem,  if someone has a different opinion than theirs.

I found that the way my husband and I spoke to each other about things.. often times he would say something totally outrageous, just for me to hear, to make me laugh.
Or try not to laugh.
He made life fun.

So I grew up with the thought that I could say whatever I wanted and people would "get it " ..
I would say things that might be wacky but it would make someone laugh.
I like making someone laugh. It makes me feel good.
We all need to lighten up and laugh more.

So lately I have found that some people are just walking around with these little invisible antennae, sticking up all over the place and those antennae pick up anything that could possibly be considered offensive or rude .. the silliest comment can earn a person a frown or worse, an empty headed lecture.

You can imagine how much I enjoy the occasional person that I will meet who  Gets It.
IT doesn't have to be complicated, hard or even unusual .. it is most often just seeing something in a different way.

So my motto has lately been ..


Life really sucks in sooo many ways ... there are so many sad things, tragic things happening and that have happened, so many broken hearts and lost souls ... wouldn't you rather look for the good, light and fun in something rather than always being on the lookout for something to take offense at ?
Do you  mistrust everyone ?
Do you think to yourself ... what did he / she mean by that ???

It is exhausting being that kind of person.
It is exhausting being around / talking to that kind of person.

Consider this a Public Service Announcement ... Lighten Up.

Even if you already are a Light Hearted Soul ... keep it in mind.


  1. I know you're not going to believe this but true story: I woke the other night at 3:30 and stood looking outside at the dark. Difficult times ahead that I have to figure out how to handle. And I thought of you, and all you are doing. And you gave me courage! Just had to tell you that...

    I echo Vivian from the other day: you are brave but don't realize it. Your trip will be fine; you will plan ahead and have what you need in case of events. And if something does come up, you'll handle it. Either yourself or asking for help along the way if necessary; b/c that's what strong women do, and that's what you are.

    I put that quote from Mark Twain on my desk about breaking overwhelming tasks into small pieces in order to get ahead. Good advice, I think.

    Best wishes w/your move preparations.


  2. YES! Lightening up!!!!

    Thinking of you...

  3. thinking of you and your kind and encouraging words.

  4. Amen. We (collectively) have lost a joie de vivre that kept us going. Now every word/clause/sentence/paragraph/speech/you get the idea is parsed to find how it (they) can be viewed to find offense, and you are absooooolutely right IT IS EXHAUSTING..... breathing is right.

  5. Amen! So many people could stand to lighten up. Life is hard enough without us making it worse for each other over nonsense.

    Take care! ♡

  6. I am new to your blog. I thought I should let you know how much I liked this post.

  7. Thank you so much Colette and welcome to my blog :)

  8. FYI, I moved to Central Florida from Upstate New York two years ago. It is a very strange place, but it has its charm. I will be reading your blog to see if your experience of adjusting to life in Florida is similar. We drove down with one cat. We put him in a large dog crate and covered it with a blanket. That soothed him. We stayed in a Red Roof Inn and it went surprisingly well. Good luck.

  9. Colette, You did it too ! and lived to tell the tale ! lol
    Thanks so much for telling me this - you make it sound not so scary ..although being alone still freaks me out in a case like this.
    So I have to two cases for carrying a single cat in each .. but I have the big dog crate / all wire with solid bottom .. that is their "house"... there all kinds of soft things inside for napping and it has a towel over the top to make it warmer and more private. . between the wall and sofa so they really like it .. it is their Cat Cave.
    That will be what they will ride down in .. getting them from car to hotel room and safe in the hotel room has me worried ..
    My friend wrote from BA ... I just want to get on a plane and go back there :)

  10. Thank you mrs duncan mahogany !! Enjoy the lightness ♡

  11. There is nothing more boring and to me less attractive than those who cannot see the sunshine because a hair is between them and the light.

    Like yours, my lifetime companion was to me the only person who got me. We only have to look at each other in certain situations and do the best we could not to burst into laughter in the middle of something others may have consider oh! so very serious. No point on hoping for those people to lighten up, once they decide to see the world only through the color of their glasses, a different opinion becomes to them a challenge, not a chance to exchange and learn from each other.

    Have a safe journey, and curiously enough the woman with over 180 antique roses of lately is thinking of tall buildings, elevators and maybe a modest balcony where to grow something, and Bs As looms, always...


  12. Allegra ... I constantly think about BsAs ... I have made a plan .. soon hopefully it will happen.
    besitos. C


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