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Friday, February 19, 2016

I am Overwhelmed

There are closets in every room of this house. And they are full of Stuff.
My bedroom has 2 massive closets.. full.
I thought I would be super organized and pack some things now - like my handbags and shoes that I won't need upon arrival to a Warm climate ... doesn't that sound lovely ... Warm Climate ~

I thought I had a lot of big boxes left from the move here. I found one, it was filthy , I had to  clean it before bringing it up from the basement.

It is full of boxes of shoes and handbags.

Yet I look at the closet and It is full of shoes and handbags !
Hey ! What's going on ?

I have to call the mover and request boxes. Otherwise, I am sitting here and time is passing by and nothing is getting done.

I went on to the chore of deciding what things to throw away.
Then it will be easier/faster to pack. No decisions.

My need for neatness and organization was satisfied when I was able to put many sweaters and things in "garment" bags that I bought at the dollar store.
I will be back there tomorrow for a few more.
They are great, they mean you can put all of one kind of article in a clean lightweight zipped up bag that will fold and go into a box. I got plastic ones that are like giant Baggies that are a thicker tougher plastic and they zip close and you can pile those into a bag without worry of wrinkles or dust or whatever. And I love arriving somewhere, opening the bag, taking out the ziplocks and tossing them in drawers .. Whether a trip or a move .. they are so handy and work so well. Your clothes don't wrinkle as much or any and they stay clean.

My things will be on a truck to Florida then in storage if I don't find a place immediately.
So I will have to stay in a hotel or a temporary rental.

Thanks to my daughter .. there are temporary rentals  that are  super appealing to me.
Picture a castle with walls lol ... well, just picture the walls .. the big gates that no one can come in without knowing the Password .

The cats will love it. screened in rooms with grass and lakes and birds just waiting to tease a little house cat. Or a big sleepy magical cat.

I want a loft apartment. one huge room with a bedroom and bath. Semi loft ?

Minette actually slept with me last night .. like a sleepy baby she got in bed and went to sleep.
I was afraid to move this morning, she was sleeping so well.
Merlin lies down and that's it til morning. He is the Best when it comes to a good quiet boy at night time.

I don't know why but I have this urge to shop online tonight.
Sephora ...  When I am in Jacksonville, I can shop in person at Lush ... do you know Lush ?
Do you like Lush ?
My husband would refuse to go inside to shop, the smell made him queasy :)
I love it.
I will also have a spree at L'Occitane ... do you like L'Occitane ?

I keep thinking today is Saturday .. if it is Friday, I must be in New York :)

But I still haven't made a dent in the packing ..


  1. Packing up a house worth of stuff is THE WORST! Which is why we haven't moved in 31 years! I did, however, help my sister to pack up her entire house when she moved last year, and I realized you really don't know how much you own until you have to actually touch everything and put it in a box! We were pretty ruthless, though, and she got rid of a lot of stuff that she didn't want to move. Fresh start! I hope you will have someone to help you - I've been following your story since you were in Argentina, and I sincerely wish I lived close enough to come and give you a hand! Bon courage!

  2. Awww, how nice, I wish you were here too :)
    You would think I would be such a pro at packing. We moved from NY to Fl to Or to BA and now back to NY .. somehow, with my husband , it was all easy.
    Now , with the 2 cats ... everything is not so easy.

    Tomorrow I start again .. I found a big box and I chose the mover.
    Here we go ~

  3. I love L'Occitane Verbena perfume - it is lemon scented and is deliciously light.

  4. When we moved to SC, we had a 1 day drive to spend the night with relatives, then another 1 day drive to our new home with a night in a hotel until the closing. We were transporting our 3 cats, all Ragdolls (one of them resembles Merlin!). Two of the cats had been on a long car trip before but the middle cat had not and he is the most timid/afraid/wary of the 3. We started driving with my husband taking our female cat in his car and I took the two boy cats, in separate carriers, in my car. We decided in advance that we would stop at a familiar rest area about 90 minutes into the drive. The boys meowed and cried the whole time, which was unusual, because they will stop meowing even on the short trip to the vet's office. Once we stopped at the rest area, I decided to let them out of their carriers. My husband was not thrilled as he was afraid they would try to get down around the gas and brake pedals but I assured him I'd let him know if there was a problem. So off we went again and the boys were fine! No meowing at all. What they wanted was to sit together! They either got in the bigger crate together or on top of it together, or just on the car seat together. And they were fine once they weren't confined separately. We spent the night with family, then went the next day to our destination. I left the carrier doors open and they were free to wander in and out. Once at our pet-friendly hotel, they went in their carriers and up the elevator to the 5th floor. They LOVED the hotel room where they roamed and sniffed every inch. The timid cat turned out to be a great traveler. He liked looking out the car window, he flopped into his little bed at the hotel and slept all night, and was curious but delighted with his travels. I spent many hours worrying about driving with them and it ended up being much easier than I anticipated. They also adjusted immediately to the new house. I hope the same is true for you and that you have a safe, pleasant, and uneventful journey. As long as they're with you, your cats know they're safe and loved.

  5. Anony, thank you so much for this . Thank you for the hope you give me lol
    I worry about Minette getting under my feet/pedals while I drive , she is fearless and won't listen to me.
    Merlin will stay put .. he is older, wiser and after whatever he went through before he came to live with me, he is very cautious. God bless him, I never ever want him to be frightened or hurt or feel lost or threatened ever again .. Minette is the little warrior .. she sleeps next to him and I know she would protect him :)


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