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Tuesday, January 12, 2016


It has been warmish lately. I am glad it is not snowing like it did last year .. But I know we are just now going into the time of year when snow can happen.
But warm days with sudden severe thunderstorms are unexpected.
Followed by spectacular rainbows is a gift.

This is farm country. You will see old farm houses, barns and fields, cows and sheep and horses.
And next door to all that will be a fabulous new modern home that would be comfortable in any suburb of New York City.

This is the part of living here that I especially like.
The open views, the trees and skies. The skies change constantly and you see them clearly .. no buildings blocking the view and also no smog or haze  ... just clear clean air .

My realtor took this photo, on the way home in the car ... I am impressed.

Tomorrow house hunters will arrive. They want to see the attic. ???? I never saw the attic.
The steps to the attic are located in the garage ceiling .
My husband looked up there .. from the ladder .. it is an attic. From below, looking up .. it looks clean and empty and just like an attic .. imagine that .
I guess they are teaching new tricks at the School of HouseHunting.



  1. Greetings to you from the wintry and frigid Canadian prairies! Found you from John's Going Gently blog. I am now a devoted follower! :)

  2. Lovely picture. If that's the silo I think it is, on Route 22, it once had a barn attached, but that burned long years back.
    Good luck with the house-hunters.

  3. mrsduncanmahogany, thank you so very much ! I got home in time to watch it snow. With bags full of soup and cat food :)

    Emm ... you win !


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