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Monday, January 4, 2016

How would you like to look out your window

And see this every day ?

Yes, the neighbors , across the street.
For comparison, the neighbor across the street where I live now, live in a 50s Ranch House with 2 acres of trees and lawns. Not ugly ... but somehow, failing to be as wonderful as the view we had in Buenos Aires. 
Perhaps lacking in that romantic style, at night they opened the French doors when it was warm and you could see the massive chandeliers .. they had a party one time .. all the doors were open and you could hear the music and laughter .. since it was inside, across the street, it was more like a film we could see rather than neighbors having a party. I just wanted to be invited .
We used to talk about living in England or France. My husband had lived in both places.
I had grow up an Anglophile .. my great grandmother was from England. 
And her family and so on and so on. 
My husband and I used to go to England and France on holidays. I wanted to live in either country, I wasn't picky. Then we went to Buenos Aires on a holiday .. and that was that .

 The idea that the architecture in Buenos Aires would be so enchanting, so interesting to me was a complete surprise. I became a fanatic with the camera, photographing buildings.
Oh sure, there are a gazillion photos of my sweet boy Tate and my husband but it seems like buildings and streets were the most popular subjects for me in those days. 
I would like to go back .. take more photos ... have a book published of photos.

Someone is coming to look at my house today.
Maybe they will like it .. maybe 1950s Ranch is their Thing.
Maybe I will get to pack up the cats and move ... South ..
Waaaay South .


  1. What a gorgeous view you had!!! I know you must miss it. Good luck on selling your home.

  2. Wow, I could look at that any day.

    Best of luck with the home viewers.

  3. Anony, thank you. It was perfect, I could pretend I lived in Europe if I wanted to :)
    Rafe , thank you ! It was pretty great having that view.
    Thanks, I have hope that this time someone might buy, I have someone new coming this week ..


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