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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Taxi Drivers

I will always remember the first time we rode in a taxi through the dark night streets of Buenos Aires.
It was very late, we had been to dinner with friends, dinner doesn't start until around 10 and later so with all the talking and drinking  and eating and drinking and talking and laughing, I think there might have even been singing .. we walked out to the street, my husband waved down a taxi and we were off !!

What was usually great about taxi rides in BA ... the driver will talk to you and they like to practice their English .. or they will smile, then drive. No bad attitudes .. I cannot remember a bad attitude taxi driver.

This time, the driver had on some pretty fabulous music and he started to sing, very quietly with it. I started to sing with the parts I know .. he loved it .. I was enchanted that he had such a great singing voice and my husband just sat back and smiled and enjoyed the ride with music.

We had taxi drivers who sang opera. A really cool guy one time who not only sang with no music but he gave us a note to show at the door when we came to the Show.
We had taxi drivers ask us where we  were from then upon hearing New York, they would tell us with great delight about the trip they took to New York City !

When Pup was ill and had to have tests at locations all over the city, every single taxi driver helped us with him, tenderly lifting him and waiting for us and overall being angels.. just when we needed the best attitude from everyone .. taxi drivers gave an abundance.

We went to the Track one afternoon. What we mostly liked was  when you entered, you walked over to the stands on the left and it was all free and you could sit at tables on the grass or stand right by the fence , dirt could hit you when the horses galloped by.
When the jockeys would walk the horses out and go to the starting gate.. they would go quite close to us ..  some people would talk to them, the jockey always answered and chatted.
We never won a lot of money but most times we won enough to pay the taxi or buy an afternoon aperitif .

One taxi driver loved the dog so much, he gave us his card for the next time we needed to take him somewhere .
One taxi driver gave me a lecture on being careful with my purse.. not to lose it , be robbed.
One asked us where we were from and was so happy to tell us about his plans to visit New York City.

I have no memory of a bad / unpleasant taxi experience.
But I have many memories of good ones.

Some day you might be surprised to find yourself sitting and remembering , thinking about something in the past and  the darnedest things come to mind.

Like how nice the taxi drivers really are in Buenos Aries.


angryparsnip said...

Lovely memories.

cheers, parsnip

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

I don't think that I can remember a bad taxi trip ..... I'm quite chatty so they probably feel that they have to talk to me !!!!!! XXXX

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