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Saturday, December 12, 2015


I want to be a snowbird.
That is what the people who go South every year for the winter, are called here ... maybe they are called that everywhere ... what do I know .. I live alone with 2 cats in the woods.

I told the realtor to take the house off the market. I am resigned to living here like a hermit for another winter.
So today she emailed that people are coming back for a second look ..
Just when I started to think it would be OK .. I can manage a winter here with 2 cats and a lot of books.

We will see. They will come ... perhaps make an offer ... perhaps it will be good enough to make me leave here after all.

I sure miss having someone to talk to about important things like this- someone who was so good at making Right decisions every time.

The cats have no opinion .

I was looking out the kitchen window while the realtor was talking to me when I saw deer in the corn fields. This is not unusual.
Suddenly they took off at a run ... towards my property .... they galloped through the yard and across the street to the acres of property where a nice bog is located ... and No Hunting.
Poor deer.

I hate the idea that hunters are allowed not that far from where I live.
I have to trust that they know how far their bullets can fly .. which direction they are pointing that rifle ... the kitties and I are staying away from the windows in the back of the house ... just to be sure.
All I need now is to get shot while waiting for someone to come look at the house !

Yes, my imagination is in overdrive ... too much coffee .

to be continued .............


  1. I think your hunting season is November. That's when you wear orange outside and stay in as much as possible. December should be safe.

    1. Just be sure not to wear any hats with antlers on them :D

    2. Now I'm imagining a person in fuzzy antlers. LOL

  2. I am a Snowbird!
    I do believe that is what you Americans call us Canadians that travel South in the Winter!
    Did the people put in another offer?
    Linda :o)

  3. That is what they call New Yorkers who go South too :)
    Today- a second showing with the parents brought along.
    No word yet ... I started packing lol

  4. Fingers and toes are crossed that things work out the way you need them to. xx

    1. Thank you dear. Funny thing is when people ask me 'why Florida' .. knowing that I was snowed in for weeks last year LOL I was snowed in the entire winter when I first arrived here ... never again !

    2. Jacquelineand, I am sorry about your loss. Sending love.


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