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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Minette the Bad Girl

Minette ... the Bad Girl ... has discovered a new mischief to get into.

She unrolls the toilet paper.
I walk into the bathroom and there is an entire roll of bathroom tissue, on the floor , piles of it.
I can't use it ... it goes into the garbage.
It hangs by her litter box.
She is either trying to use it or she doesn't like it by her litter box.

Pain in the A** !!

and she doesn't even try to look sorry.
a dog would look sorry.


  1. Looked after a friend's dog once which did the same thing. Except we were poor students at the time and bought tissue thin, cheap TP - and damned if the whole roll wasn't unravelled without even the slightest tear!

    1. LOL ! It is surely a sign of intelligence, messing with the humans toilet paper rolls ..

  2. My 2 year old kid did that once or twice until I put the TP out of reach OR you could move the litter box. What a surprise to see a fluffy pile of TP but can't help but bring a chuckle!!

    1. lol ... I know .. chuckles are allowed. I never see her do it and I picture this expression of Glee on her little face :)
      She looks so sweet and docile, she is really a little devil.
      Merlin is the docile one. He just lays there, this great pile of hair with blue eyes.

  3. One of my cats does the unroll thing, so I moved the tissues to the back of the toilet or on the sink and then one of my other cats knocked it down and chewed it into I can't win!

  4. Cats never are sorry! Lol. They think everything they do is fabulous! They say, look at me, and look what I did! I am so super clever! Aren't you proud of me?

  5. They learn it at Kitty School. It's part of the core curriculum.
    If you install the roll so it unfurls from the back, it's harder for a cat to destroy.

    1. Emm ... you are truly Brilliant !
      I will do that right away and see what happens. Thanks !!


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