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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

In My Dreams

I still love Paris .. I still would live there ... I still want to go back.
I found an apartment on my friends fabulous blog "This Is Glamorous" ..
Here are some photos ... this is the way the rooms should look in a Paris home.

Even though the odds are , I won't be living in Paris soon, wherever I live next might look like this .
Barely any furniture, lots of windows and light  ... it would look good in Argentina too ...


  1. Beautiful.
    Where is the cat sleeping on the bed and no cat hair ?
    Also missing my paintings and a messy studio.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. LOL, They actually don't shed much.

    2. You can have rooms like this and one can be a messy studio ..

  2. Lovely....
    Wherever you end WILL become home...
    Linda :o)

  3. I think because Baron Haussmann had so many buildings built the same in Paris that the interior rooms are very much alike. Our rooms in our apartment in Paris looked like the rooms in your picture – apart that my grandfather had been an antique dealer and my father favored antiques, so the rooms were not empty like in your pictures – we had Gothic tables, samovar, Persian rugs, Venetian mirrors, gilded clocks and so much more – at the time I hated it, and it took me a while to like antiques again.
    As for living in Paris, you know, it would be hard for me I think. When I go back I don’t recognize the atmosphere – and there are too many tourists. When one was born in a country and went to another country when adult it is like you have two countries, and in a way, have none – your original country is no longer familiar and your new country will always remain foreign – it is not easy.

    1. We lived in BA for 7 years and I found coming back to the US a relatively easy adjustment .. we found delight in some foods that were not available in BA and it was nice being able to understand everything everyone said .. but it was almost as if we had only been gone a short while ..
      Buenos Aires had many French and Italian architects in the old days .. it shows in the architecture and museums and the way the streets are mapped out.
      Part of what made it so wonderful .. the French/Spanish style of things and the European manners .

  4. I so wish I could be a minimalist and live just like that - think how easy the housework would be! The older and less flexible my joints get the harder it is to dust and polish.

    Yes, Vagabond is so right about having to contend with changes in one's homeland - I feel the same way when I return to England, although it will always be my true home. Even after living here for such a long time I still don't really fit in. My thoughts still often see me moving back - crazy I suppose at this time in life!

    Happy day dear - hope things start moving with a house sale - I know you must be frustrated. I pray the winter is not severe if you have to weather another one up north.

    Hugs, Mary

    1. Mary - I was never a patient person :) this has all been very hard on me but I comfort myself with the fact that Things Change. Whether we want them to or not .. so I will try to be calm and wait for the change to come.


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